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Yours For the Asking (1936)

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Yours For the Asking


George Raft   Johnny Lamb
Dolores Costello   Lucille Sutton
Ida Lupino   Gert Malloy
Reginald Owen   Dictionary McKinney / Colonel Evelyn Carstairs
James Gleason   Saratoga
Edgar Kennedy   Bicarbonate
Lynne Overman   Honeysuckle
Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher   Perry Barnes
Betty Blythe   May
Walter Walker   Mr. Crenshaw
Robert Gleckler   Slick Doran
Richard Powell   Benedict
Louis Natheaux   Dealer
Keith Daniels   Henchman
Florence Wix   Woman
Bess Flowers   Woman
Rosemary Theby   Woman
Jean Fowler   Woman
Olive Tell   Woman
Edmund Mortimer   Man
Phillips Smalley   Man
William Arnold   Man
Dennis O'Keefe   Man
Fred Minter   Man
Tom Curran   Man
Sally West   Girl
Marie Wells   Girl
Arthur Stuart Hull   Deaf-mute
Henry Roquemore   Pot-bellied man
John Byron   Chauffeur
Harry Bradley   Art dealer
Albert Pollet   Headwaiter
Edward Peil Sr.   Waiter
Max Barwyn   Waiter
Francis Sayles   Waiter
Groucho Marx   Sunbather (extra)
Charles Ruggles   Sunbather (extra)

Director  Alexander Hall
Written by  Even Green
  Philip MacDonald
  Harlan Ware
  William R. Lipman (story)
  William H. Wright (story)
Cinematography  Theodor Sparkuhl
Art directors  Roland Anderson
  Hans Dreier
Producer  Lewis E. Gensler
Production company / Distribution  Paramount Pictures
Runtime  68 min.
Release date  24 Jul 1936

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