The Marx Brothers Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo) Information en Movies in Toronto 324 Reg Hartt will present a "Marx Brothers Film Fest" at his Cineforum on Wednesdays at 2pm throughout August. The Marx Brothers Council podcast, episode 17 now available 326 In Hail and Farewell, Matthew, Noah, and Bob "take a deep dive into the misunderstood Room Service, perhaps not the best Marx film, but the one with the most interesting backstory…as well as the most frustrating compromises. Matthew enlightens us on how it almost became more of an authentic Marx vehicle, and how it almost became less of one. Bob is surprised by his reaction to the film, while Noah leads post-graduate courses on New York theater, and the word frowsy." Movies in NYC 323 Fredonia Marxonia 2019 316 "An Evening with Groucho" - tour dates 41 Frank Ferrante is touring with his show "An Evening with Groucho" and as the "Caesar" at Teatro Zinzanni