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Too Many Kisses

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This romantic comedy was set in the Basque country. Richard Gaylord Jr. is a playboy who is always getting in trouble with women. His father, Richard Gaylord Sr., sends him on a trip to a small town in Spain. Once there, Dick immediately falls in love with Yvonne Hurja. Julio, the local police chief — and a bandit chief (William Powell) — loves Yvonne too. When she expresses her preference for Dick, Julio sends his men to kidnap him. Dick's father shows up just in time to see his son escape from the bandits and fight it out with Julio.

Harpo appeared in this movie as the Village Peter Pan in his only speaking role. But since this was a silent movie you can only read his line "You sure you can't move?".

Harpo in "Too Many Kisses"

Review from the New York Times


Published: March 3, 1925

Richard Dix is appearing at the Rialto this week in an engaging but extravagant comedy entitled "Too Many Kisses," which is based on John Monk Saunders's story. "A Maker of Gestures." Quite a number of passages in this picture evoked considerable mirth yesterday afternoon. Mr. Dix's facial expressions are pleasing and natural, but at times he does not seem to know what to do with his hands, unless it is a fighting scene, and then he is never in doubt.

The story is entertaining, with some implausible stretches and a few forced directorial notions. Mr. Dix plays the part of Richard Gaylor Jr., a modern Lothario who has so many sweethearts that his father does not know what to do with him. It is explained that Richard takes to business with the same fervor a baby takes castor oil. Money is apparently demanded of Gaylord Sr. for the breaches of promise made by his son. He is told by a trusted employe that in the Basque country of France Richard will be safe, as the women there only accept attentions from their own people.

Gaylord and Simmons, the favored old manager, therefore travel to the Basque country to search for a certain metal ore. One sees them arriving in a small village at the hour of the siesta. There are amusing scenes of the different men and women, boys and girls and even dogs, enjoying their noonday nap. You can't order anything, you can't accost anybody, and therefore Simmons and Richard also fall into a doze. The doze becomes sound slumber, and when the inhabitants are aroused and are going about their afternoon duties the two Americans are in the arms of Morpheus. Just as Richard opens his eyes he finds them suddenly focussed on a beautiful girl, who is none other than Yvonne Hurja, the inamorita of the captain of the guard, Julio. Yvonne (Frances Howard) does not reciprocate the affection showered on her by Julio, and, observing a good-looking, clean, young American, she at once becomes interested in a quiet, ladylike fashion.

William Powell is excellent as Julio. It is a part which fits him like the proverbial glove. He is jealous, cowardly, vengeful, affectionate in a perfectly natural way. Richard is a clever chap, and when Julio would have the American dispatched with a knife Richard pulls out a sheet of paper and pretends to be an artist interested only for art's sake in Yvonne's face. This assuages the Captain's wrath, but he is convinced later that, artist or no artist. Richard is extremely bold with the fair lady.

Richard invades Yvonne's veranda and sits with her, one hand on the rail. Below there is somebody playing music. It is a serenader; of course the pompous Julio. Richard, without knowing that it is his avowed enemy, the Captain, tosses a rose over the rail. The blossom falls to the feet of the guitar player. He presses it to his lips and continues playing. Later he ventures up a ladder and fervently imprints kisses on a hand which he believes to be that of Yvonne, but which is Richard's. No wonder Julio is furious!

Simmons is convinced at one point that Richard has had his lesson and that he will in future pay no attention to Basque girls. However, Richard is in love, and he is willing to risk everything.

Miss Howard is likeable as Yvonne, although she is a lethargic young woman. Joe Burke does very well as Simmons, and Frank Currier is capable as Gaylord Sr.

"Too Many Kisses," in spite of its queer title, is a constantly amusing light entertainment, just the thing to make one forget the cold wind and changeable weather.

Too Many Girls.
TOO MANY KISSES, with Richard Dix, William Powell, Frances Howard, Frank Currier, Joe Burke, Albert Tavernier, Arthur Ludwig, Alyce Mills, Paul Panzer and Harpo Marx. Adapted from John Monk Saunders's story, "A Maker of Gestures." Directed by Paul Sloane. Riesenfeld's "Classical Jaz"; Do You Remember?" Theodore Webb, baritone; Helen Sherman, coloratura soprano; "Great Guns," with Bobby Vernon, a comedy. At the Rialto.

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Richard Dix   Richard Gaylord, Jr
Frances Howard   Yvonne Hurja
William Powell   Julio
Frank Currier   Richard Gaylord, Sr
Joseph Burke   Mr. Simmons
Albert Tavernier   Manuel Hurja
Arthur Ludwig   Miguel
Paul Panzer   Pedro
Harpo Marx   The Village Peter Pan
Alyce Mills   Flapper

Director  Paul Sloane
Written by  Gerald C. Duffy
  John Monk Saunders (story 'A Maker of Gestures')
Cinematography  Harold Rosson
Producer  Jesse L. Lasky
  Adolph Zukor
Production company / Distributor  Famous Players-Lasky / Paramount
Runtime  6 reels
Silent movie  
Released  11 Jan 1925

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