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go west

For the first and last time, the Marxes went back in time for a picture (unless you include Irwin Allen's 1957 picture, The Story Of Mankind, where the three brothers all appeared, but in different scenes). It's 1870 and the boys are trying (for various reasons) to migrate west. After a comical scene where the three are trying to swindle each other for train fare, we find them in the west without any logical explanation as to how they actually got there.

Terry Turner (John Carroll) is in a bind. He wants to marry Eve Wilson (Diana Lewis), but her grandfather won't allow it. It seems that Terry's granddad sold Eve's grandpappy a worthless piece of land some forty years earlier, and he is unwilling to let it slide. Terry tries to smooth things over by talking the New York and Western Railroad into purchasing the land, known as "Dead Man's Gulch," to use as part of the route for their line west.

Unfortunately, Wilson has given the deed to brothers Joe (Chico) and Rusty (Harpo) Panello as security on a 10-dollar loan. Beecher (Walter Woolf King) wants to get a hold of this land himself, so he can force the railroad into buying his own land for the same purpose, at his price. Enter S. Quentin Quale (Groucho), who would like to swindle the Panello brothers, but winds up joining with them in trying to thwart Beecher's plans.

Chico livens up the proceedings with one of his most creative piano solos to date, and Harpo entertains us on a makeshift harp, improvised from an Indian's loom. The climactic train ride is brilliant.

JOE: All we want to know is where is the train?
QUALE: The train? It's out on the tracks. It seldom comes in here.

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Groucho Marx   S. Quentin Quale
Harpo Marx   Rusty Panello
Chico Marx   Joseph Panello
John Carroll   Terry Turner
Diana Lewis   Eve Wilson
Robert Barrat   Red Baxter
Walter Woolf King   John Beecher
June MacCloy   Lulubelle
George Lessey   Railroad President
Mitchell Lewis   Halfbreed ("Indian Pete")
Tully Marshall   Dan Wilson
Edward Gargan   Railroad ticket clerk
Arthur Housman   Drunk in saloon
Harry Tyler   Telegraph clerk
Iris Adrian   Mary Lou, first saloon girl
Joan Woodbury   Melody, second saloon girl
Joe Yule  
Clem Bevans  
Lee Bowman  

Director  Edward Buzzell
Written by  Irving Brecher
Cinematography  Leonard Smith
Art directors  Stan Rogers
  Cedric Gibbons
Set decorator  Edwin B. Willis
Musical director  George E. Stoll
Orchestrator  George Bassman
Composer "Ridin' the Range"  Roger Edens
Composer "As If I Didn't Know", "You Can't Argue With Love"  Bronislau Kaper
Composer "From the Land of the Sky Blue Water" (Harp Solo)  Charles Wakefield Cadman
Lyricist  Gus Kahn
Editor  Blanche Sewell
Recording director  Douglas Shearer
Costume designers  Dolly Tree (women)
  Gile Steele (men)
Assistant director  Sandy Roth
Producer  Jack Cummings
Production company / Distribution  Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer (Loew's Inc.)
Runtime  80 min.
Release date  06 Dec 1940
New York opening  20 Feb 1941
Spanish title  Los hermanos Marx en el oeste
French title  Chercheurs d'or
Swedish title  En dag i Vilda Västern
Italian title  I Cowboys del deserto
Finnish title  Päivä lännessä
Norwegian title  Ville Vesten

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Musical numbers

Performed byComments
 Main Title   
 You can't argue with love 
Music and lyrics by: Bronislau Kaper
 Rindin' the Range 
Music and lyrics by: Roger Edens
 My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean   
As If I Didn't Know
As If I Didn't Know 
Music and lyrics by: Bronislau Kaper
 From the Land of the Sky Blue Water 
Music and lyrics by: Charles Wakefield Cadman

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