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Greetings From Why A Duck?

So a simple web postcard isn't enough for you? You say you want more bang for your buck (even though it isn't costing you anything anyhow)? Well, stop by the new and improved Greetings From Why A Duck? page. Here you may not only choose from a vast assortment of graphics for your card, but you may also pick the color of the background and text, as well as choose a Marxist midi file as background music to entertain your friends while they read your cards. All this, and you can use HTML in your card composition! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks at for making this truly wonderful post card script available, completely free of charge. (Note: The Marx Brothers Picture Archive and Index have been folded into the new Greetings page.)

Marxist Mugshots

The Marxist Mugshot Gallery started as a page where fans could take a peek at some fellow Marxists at a New York City gathering held in August 1997. I have expanded this page to include scans of any and all Marx-related photos by fellow fans. So check this page to see what some of these people get up to in their spare time. If you have a scan (or photo you would like scanned) depicting you or any of your friends and family behaving in a Marxist manner, send me an email and I'll be happy to get it posted to this page! And while we're on the subject, if you have photos of any family pets named after any of the Marx Brothers or characters from the films, I'd love to post those too. If any of your children are named after Marx brothers, I feel sorry for them.

Marxist Monsters

Marx fandom comes in many bizarre and wonderful varieties. Have a look at some animals, pets and otherwise, named for the Marx Brothers and characters they portrayed at Marxist Monsters.

The 16th Annual Freedonia Gazette Open House

On Monday, May 25, 1998, Paul Wesolowski once again opened up his house to his subscribers for a day of socializing and general Marxist activities. Stop by The 16th Annual Freedonia Gazette Open House page for a brief description of the event, along with some photos. (Updated 6/23/98)

This site uses material originally created by Frank Bland for his website Why A Duck?. Frank did kindly give me permission to use this material.

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