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Mr. Music (1950)

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Mr. Music


Bing Crosby   Paul Merrick
Nancy Olson   Katherine Holbrook
Charles Coburn   Alex Conway
Ruth Hussey   Lorna Marvis
Robert Stack   Jeff Blake
Tom Ewell   Haggerty
Ida Moore   Aunt Amy
Charles Kemper   Mr. Danforth
Donald Woods   Tippy Carpenter
Richard Haydn (as Claud Curdle)   Jerome Thisbee
Gower Champion   Himself
Marge Champion   Herself
Groucho Marx   Himself
Dorothy Kirsten   Herself
Peggy Lee   Herself
The Merry Macs   Themselves

Director  Richard Haydn
Written by  Arthur Sheekman
  Samson Raphaelson (play 'Accent on Youth')
Cinematography by  George Barnes
Art directors  Hans Dreier
  Earl Hedrick
Editorial supervisor  Doane Harrison
Editor  Everett Douglas
Music  James Van Heusen
  Johnny Burke (lyrics)
Music director  Troy Sanders
Special vocal arranger  Joseph J. Lilley
Dance director  Gower Champion
Sound recordists  Harry Lindgren
  John Cope
Set decorators  Sam Comer
  Ray Moyer
Process cinematographer  Farciot Edouart
Costume design  Edith Head (gowns)
Makeup supervisor  Wally Westmore
Assistant director  Harry Caplan
Producer  Robert L. Welch
Production company / Distribution  Paramount Pictures
Runtime  113 min.
Release date / New York opening  28 Dec 1950
Remake of  Accent on Youth (1935)

Musical numbers

Performed byComments
Life Is So Peculiar
Life Is So Peculiar 
Music by: James van Heusen
Lyrics by: Johnny Burke
Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, The Merry Macs and Groucho Marx As far as I know this is the only song in the movie where Groucho was amongst the performers 

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