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Thanks for visiting the Marx Brothers Audio & Video page. The names of the files (especially the WAV files) located here aren't terribly descriptive, but I've included descriptions next to each one for easier navigation. If you would prefer to be surprised, close your right eye and blink your left eye 60 times per second. If you enjoy these files, why not tell your friends? Better still, why not tell your enemies?

Note: In some cases, I've edited these files for time. I do not believe I have hurt their integrity thus, but please let me know if you feel otherwise. Also, I happily accept all donations of files for this page. I sampled all the files on this site myself, except where noted, and I would like to thank all who have donated files for my use here (credited individually).

Originally, all the files were presented on one page, but that page became too large, so I have broken it all down into three sections:

This page was originally been created by Frank Bland for his site WhyADuck?.
This site uses material originally created by Frank Bland for his website Why A Duck?. Frank did kindly give me permission to use this material.

The Marx Brothers - Los Hermanos Marx - האחים מרקס - マルクス兄弟 - Les Freres Marx - 마르크스형제 - Братья Маркс - Bröderna Marx - برادران مارکس - I Fratelli Marx - Братята Маркс - Bracia Marx - Germans Marx - الأخوة ماركس - 馬克思兄弟 - Αδελφοί Μαρξ - Irmãos Marx     RSS feed

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