The Marx Brothers

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Mills, Joseph (ed.): A Century of the Marx Brothers
(Category: Books about the Marx Brothers, their films etc.)
"Most scholarly work on the Marx Brothers has focused on biographical aspects of their careers and lives; "A Century of the Marx Brothers" suggests a myriad of other useful approaches to their film and stage productions. The collection's eleven essays examine the Marx Brothers' work from a number of critical perspectives ranging from reader-response theory to film semiotics. The contributors include international scholars in a variety of fields, such as literature, cultural studies, performance studies, and film history." (Publisher's information)
Articles include:
- Joseph Mills: "The Faces of Twentieth Century Comedy"
- Matthew Daube: "The Case of Rabbi Cantor vs. Roscoe W. Chandler: The Marx Brothers' Ethnic Construction of Character"
- Renata Jackson: "Who's Your Dada? The Marx Brothers at Paramount"
- Dean Wilcox: "Surrealistic Heroes: The Marx Brothers and the European Avant-Garde"
- Thomas Grochowski: "Horse Feathers, Monkey Business, and Lion Taming: The Marxes in Transition"
- Eric Sterling: "The Marx Brothers and the Satire of the Upper Class"
- Matthew Turner: "Signs, Slapstick, and Silence: The Transformation of Semiotic Meaning in the Comedy of Harpo Marx"
- Christopher Kelen: "Nation, Anthem, Irony in the Figure of Rufus Firefly"
- Lance Duerfahrd: "The Extras to the Extraordinary: The Other Characters in the Marx Brothers Film"
- Marc DiPaolo: "'Italians' Know Nothing of Love: The Marx Brothers as Guardian Angels for Young Couples in Jeopardy"
- Joseph Alvarez: "Woody Allen: A Red-Headed Marx Brothers Stepchild?"
- Zoe Brigley: "The Big Grey Ir-Elephant: The Play of Language in the Marx Brothers' Scripts and in Charles Bernstein's L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry"

@Cambridge Scholars Publishing / @Newcastle upon Tyne, UK / @2007 / @1 84718 240 2

- Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2007, ISBN: 1 84718 240 2 (ISBN-13: 9781847182401)
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