The Marx Brothers


Books and articles of unknown or little relation to the Marx Brothers

Books which are given as reference in other books, books which seem to be about the Brothers, but are definitely not and others I just do not know enough about. Let me know if you have more information about any of these books.

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(N.N.): Los Hermanos Marx
Catalogue gives "poster art" as keyword


- (espagñol) Editorial Libsa, Alcobendas, Spain, 1991, ISBN: 84 7630 087 5 (ISBN-13: 9788476300879)
   titled: Los Hermanos Marx, translated by: María Luisa Ortega

(N.N.): Invaders from Marx. Un anno con i fratelli Marx. Libro agenda del cinema 1998


- (italiano) Lindau, 1997, ISBN: 88 718 0195 4 (ISBN-13: 9788871801957)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): IT

Ace, Goodman: The Book of Little Knowledge
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Simon and Schuster, New York, NY, 1955

Allen, Fred: Much Ado About Me
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Little, Brown & Company, Boston, MA, 1956

Angeli/May: Le tour de monde de Groucho


- (français) Sorbier, ISBN: 2 7320 3521 1 (ISBN-13: 9782732035215)

Bardeche, Maurice; Brasillach, Robert: Histoire du Cinema


- André Martel, 1947

Batterbury, Michael and Ariane: On the Town in New York
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY, 1973

Bennett, Saul: Harpo Marx at Prayer
This is a book of poems. It has one poem with this title, which has a vague reference to Harpo.

Archer Books /  / 2000 / 0 9662299 6 7

- Archer Books, 2000, ISBN: 0 9662299 6 7 (ISBN-13: 9780966229967)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE FR CA JP

Bercovici, Konrad: Around the World in New York
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- The Century Co., New York, NY, 1924

Birmingham, Stephen: Our Crowd
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Harper & Row, New York, NY, 1967

Black, Mary: Old New York in Early Photographs
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Dover Publications, New York, NY, 1973

Blum, Daniel: A Pictorial History of the American Theatre 1900-1956
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Greensburg, New York, NY, 1956

Bou, Guillem; Cruz, Jordi; Baquero, Lucrecia; Valera, José María: Menudo Pastel (o La empresa de los lios)
an economics book which uses the Marx Brothers for its examples

Ediciones Pirámide / Madrid, Spain / 2006 / 84 368 2031 2

- (espagñol) Ediciones Pirámide, Madrid, Spain, 2006, ISBN: 84 368 2031 2 (ISBN-13: 9788436820317)

Brahms, Caryl; Simon, S.J.: Don't, Mr Disraeli
The Marx Brothers make a short appearance in this novel


- Michael Joseph, London, UK, 1940

- Penguin Books, London, UK, 1949

Brant, Henry: The Marx Brothers: 3 faithful portraits : for an ensemble of seven players
This might be sheet music


- , 1996, ISBN: 0 8258 2583 0 (ISBN-13: 9780825825835)

Breuer, Michael: Ökonomische Grundlagen der Sozialversicherungsorganisation
Die Konsequenzen des Groucho-Marx-Effektes


- Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden Baden, Germany, 1999, ISBN: 3 7890 5858 0 (ISBN-13: 9783789058585)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): DE

Brown, Henry Collins: In the Golden Nineties
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Valentine's Manual, Hastings-on-Hudson, 1928

Brown, John Mason: 'The Theatre of the Twenties', essay in "Dramatis Personae"
'Other references' in Eyles, 1969


- Hamish Hamilton, London, UK, 1963

Burkhart, Jeff; Stuart, Bruce: Hollywood's First Choices (Or Why Groucho Marx Never Played Rhett Butler) : How the Greatest Casting Decisions Were Made


- Darien House / Crown Publishers, 1994, ISBN: 0 517 88086 5 (ISBN-13: 9780517880869)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK CA JP

Camilo dos Santos, João: A mala dos Marx Brothers
A collection of poems


- (português) Editorial Caminho, Lisboa, Portugal, 1988

Campbell, Robert: The Golden Years of Broadcasting
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY, 1976

Cerf, Bennett (ed.): An Encyclopedia of Modern American Humor
'Other references' in Eyles, 1969


- Hanover House, Doubleday & Co., New York, NY, 1954

Chan, William: A Pictorial History of the Great Comedians
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Grosset & Dunlap, New York, NY, 1970

Churchill, Allen: The Great White Way
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, NY, 1962

Cohen, Jeffrey: Some Like It Hot-Buttered
From the author: "A man buys a movie theatre to show only comedies (he calls it Comedy Tonight), and in the first novel in the series (Some Like It Hot-Buttered), he professes his love for the Marx Brothers many times, quotes Groucho, and during a few chapters, shows Horse Feathers."

Berkley (Prime Crime) /  / 2007 / 0 425 21799 X

- Berkley (Prime Crime), 2007, ISBN: 0 425 21799 X (ISBN-13: 9780425217993)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE FR CA JP

Cooke, Alistair: Six Men
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY, 1977

Coontz, RJ: Horsefeathers - Scientific Prefixes Borrow A Page From The Marx Brothers
I am not sure whether this has something to do with the Brothers


- Sciences, Vol. 34, No. 6, New York, NY, 1994-Nov/Dec, ISSN: 0036-861X

Corwin, Norman: Script for 'The Curse of 589'
Corwin has written some radio plays which starred Groucho.


   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA CA JP

Coslow, Sam: Cocktails for Two


- Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY, 1977

Cowles, Fleur: The Case of Salvador Dali


- William Heinemann, Melbourne / London / Toronto, 1951

Crichton, Kyle Samuel: Don't Call Me a Stooge


- Collier's, 15 May 1937

Crowther, Bosley: The Lion's Share


- E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, NY, 1957

Davenport, Marcia: Too Strong for Fantasy


- Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY, 1967

Dedmon, Emmett: Fabulous Chicago
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Random House, New York, NY, 1952

Englund, Peter: Die Marx-Brothers in Petrograd
Don't be fooled by the title, this has nothing to do with the Marx Brothers we are talking about.


- , Germany, ISBN: 3 86163 060 5 (ISBN-13: 9783861630609)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): DE

Epstein, Morris: A Pictorial History of Jewish Holidays and Customs
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- KTAV Publishing House, New York, NY, 1959

Farb, Peter: Word Play
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY, 1974

Felperin, L: Review of "The Marx-Brothers Encyclopedia" by Mitchell,G
one very short paragraph


- Sight And Sound, Vol. 7, No.2, London, UK, Feb 1997, ISSN: 0037-4806

Fields, Ronald J. (ed.): W.C. Fields By Himself
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1973, ISBN: 0 13 944462 9 (ISBN-13: 9780139444623)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE CA JP

Ford, Corey: The Time of Laughter


- Little, Brown & Company, Boston, MA, 1967

Forlani, R.: Le Beret a Groucho


- (français) Table Ronde, ISBN: 2 7103 1081 3 (ISBN-13: 9782710310815)

Gilbert, Douglas: American Vaudeville. Its Life and Times
General information about American Vaudeville. "Fun in Hi Skule" and "I'll Say She Is" a very briefly mentioned.

 /  / 1963 / 0 486 20999 7

- McGraw-Hill / Whittlesey House, New York, NY, 1940

- , 1963, ISBN: 0 486 20999 7 (ISBN-13: 9780486209999)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE CA JP

Goldstein, Fred & Stan: Prime-Time Television: A Pictorial History From Milton Berle to Falcon Crest
Keywords: TV series shows sitcoms broadcasting network programming variety nostalgia Berle Mr. televison coca Sullivan ball gleason George Gracie skelton Disney gobel Benny como godfrey Groucho martin & Lewis Hayes lunts bankhead ca cinema/TV/Hollywood


- Crown, New York, NY, 1983

Goulart, Ron: Groucho
short story (cat, science fiction)


- in: "Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine", TZ Publications, Apr 1981

- in: "Great Stories from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine", TZ Publications, 1982

- in: "Magicats!", ACE, 1984, ISBN: 0 441 51530 4 (ISBN-13: 9780441515301)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK CA JP

- in: "Magicats!", ACE, 1987, ISBN: 0 441 51531 2 (ISBN-13: 9780441515318)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK CA JP

Greene, Graham: On Film: Collected Film Criticism 1935-1939
Keywords: watching reviewing movies 1930s thirties Hollywood motion pictures films odeons Marx brothers Mr. smith dead end hotel du nord pleasure dome power & glory film criticism novelist larger truths human behavior script writing


- Simon & Schuster, New York, NY, 1972

Hames, Peter: Surviving the market. 32nd Karlovy-Vary Film Festival, Czech Republic, 1997
This festival had a Marx Brothers retrospective. The article just mentions this.


- Sight & Sound, Sep 1997, ISSN: 0037-4806

Hankel, Walter S. (ed.): Whither, Whither, or After Sex, What?


- The Macaulay Company, New York, NY, 1930

Hawley, John Eugene: World Wide Influences of the Cinema


- University of Southern California Press, Los Angeles, CA, 1940

Highet, Gilbert: The Anatomy of Satire
'Other references' in Eyles, 1969


- Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1962

- Oxford University Press, London, UK, 1962

Hoche, Karl: Die Marx-Brothers : eine Geschichte des Sozialismus - 150 Jahre, die den Kapitialismus und das Zwerchfell erschütterten
Although this 'History of Socialism' has the Marx Brothers in the title, it never mentions them


- (deutsch) Droemer Knaur, München, Germany, 1983, ISBN: 3 426 19080 X (ISBN-13: 9783426190807)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA DE CA

James, Sibyl: In China with Harpo and Karl


- Calyx Books, ISBN: 0 934971 16 1 (ISBN-13: 9780934971164) / (hardcover)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE CA JP

- Calyx Books, ISBN: 0 934971 15 3 (ISBN-13: 9780934971157) / (paperback)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE CA JP

Johnson, Dorris; Leventhal, Ellen (eds.): Letters of Nunnally Johnson
Starting as a journalist Johnson wrote short stories and later also movies and plays. This book has two letters to Groucho (one of them is also in the Groucho Letters) and other letters mention him.


- Knopf, New York, NY, 1981

Kennedy, A.L.: Original bliss
This might be a collection of short stories or essays. One chapter is called "Groucho's moustache"


- Jonathan Cape, London, Uk, 1997

Klingaman, William K.: 1929: The Year of the Great Crash
Captures the drama of the economic events and shows how the entire world was experiencing a year of crisis. Uses a wide variety of first person reports to bring economics, music, sports, literature and politics to life. Keywords: united states depressions great depression stock market economic social history roaring twenties al Capone Marx brothers illustrations: photographs.


- Harper & Row, New York, NY, 1989

Kramer, Dale: Ross and the New Yorker
'Other references' in Eyles, 1969


- Victor Gollancz, London, UK, 1952

Krassner, Paul: Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut
Autobiography of publisher, editor, writer of The Realist, founder of Yippies, Keywords: sixties, yippies, abbie Hoffman, lenny Bruce, Groucho Marx, psychedelic drugs, LSD


- Simon & Schuster, New York, 1993

Lamparski, Richard: Hollywood Diary
Publisher's info: "Twelve Untold Tales of Gary Cooper, Patsy Kelly, Pola Negri, Robert Taylor, Zeppo Marx, Quentin Crisp, The Grapes of Wrath, 'Our Gang', Rock Hudson, Soupy Sales, and more." Has a very short anecdote of Lamparski meeting Zeppo.

BearManor Media / Boalsburg, PA / 2006 / 1 59393 052 6

- BearManor Media, Boalsburg, PA, 2006, ISBN: 1 59393 052 6 (ISBN-13: 9781593930523)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE FR CA JP

Levy, G.B.: Zepto And Yocto - The Missing Marx Brothers
I don't think this has anything to do with the Brothers


- American Biotechnology Laboratory, Vol. 10, No. 4, Shelton, CT, Apr 1992, ISSN: 0749-3223

Lewis, Jacobs: The Rise of the American Film (A critical history)
Movie trends of 1933 (Adamson)


- Harcourt, Brace and Co., New York, NY, 1939

Lieberfeld, D.; Sanders, J.: Here Under False Pretenses, The Marx Brothers Crash The Gates


- American Scholar, Vol. 64, No. 1, Washington, DC, 1995, ISSN: 0003-0937

Lindström, Hans: Jacques Werups Casanova
text about the book "Casanovas senare resor" by Jacques Werup with a "digression" into the Marx Brothers especially Groucho


- (svenska) in "Skrattet åt världen i litteraturen", Carlsson, Stockholm, 1993, ISBN: 91 7798 748 9 (ISBN-13: 9789177987482)

Mars, François: Le Gag


- (français) Editions du Cerf

Martin, Pete: Going His Way


- Saturday Evening Post, 30 Nov 1946

Martin, Pete: Pete Martin Calls on . . .


- Simon and Schuster, New York, NY, 1962

Mayer, Richard: Warhol's Jews: Ten Portraits Reconsidered
Catalogue for the exhibition at the Jewish Museum, NY (16 March - 3 Aug 2008). This series includes a portrait of the Marx Brothers.

Jewish Museum / New York / 2008 / 0 300 14115 7

- Jewish Museum, New York, 2008, ISBN: 0 300 14115 7 (ISBN-13: 9780300141153)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE FR CA JP

Moore, Christopher: Practical Demon Keeping
This book gives a brief Marx Brothers mention. A genie is talking to someone while watching one of the Marx movies on TV. When he sees Harpo performing he laughs so hard the tears are rolling down his cheeks. His comment is that he doesn't know who Harpo is, but he must be a genie.


Nadeau, Maurice: The History of Surrealism


- The Macmillan Company, New York, NY, 1965

Peters, Robert: Celebrities : in memory of Margaret Dumont, dowager of the Marx Brothers movies (1890-1965)
Poems. "One hundred forty copies ... Twenty-five copies are in a special case". Abooklet with poems which has a picture of Margret Dumont on the cover. She is mentioned once in one of the poems. All in all it can be said that this book has no connection to the Marx Brothers.


- Sombre Reptiles, Berkeley, CA, 1981

Pivetti, Paolo: La Bibbia e Groucho Marx! Humour di Dio
The tilte translates as "The Bible or Groucho Marx. Humour of God". I think the title is the only connection and the book is more about religion and humour.

Piemme / Italy / 2001 / 88 384 5158 3

- (italiano) Piemme, Italy, 2001, ISBN: 88 384 5158 3 (ISBN-13: 9788838451584)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): IT

Robertson, Sheila: Famous Names in Films


- Wayland, Hove, UK, 1980

Rovere, Richard: Senator Joe McCarthy
'Other references' in Eyles, 1969


- Methuen, London, UK, 1960

Rudahl, Sharon: A Dangerous Woman
"The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman"
In this comic book illustrating the life of anarchist and radical icon Emma Goldman, the panel signifying her first acquaintance with Marxism features three of the Marx Brothers quoting from "The Communist Manifesto"

The New Press / New York,NY / 2007 / 1 59558 064 6

- The New Press, New York,NY, 2007, ISBN: 1 59558 064 6 (ISBN-13: 9781595580641)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK DE FR CA

Saltzman, R.: Miami Land Rush (The Marx Brothers' First Film The 'Cocoanuts', 1929)


- Smithsonian, Vol. 31, No. 12, Washington, DC, Mar 2001, ISSN: 0037-7333

Thomson, David: Movie Man


- Stein and Day, New York, NY, 1969

Tibbetts, Peggy: The Road to Weird: Carly's Ghost / Harpo Marx is Seeing Things
The "Harpo ..." story has a main character called Harpo Marx, but has otherwise no relation to the Marx Brothers

Zumaya Publications /  / 2003 / 1 8699 4259 0

- Zumaya Publications, 2003, ISBN: 1 8699 4259 0 (ISBN-13: 9781869942595)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA CA

Ulmer, G.L.: A Night At The Text
Keywords: Barthes,Roland; Marx Brothers


- Yale French Studies, No. 73, Univ Florida, New Haven, CT, 1987, ISSN: 0044-0078

Vázquez Montalbán, Manuel: Cuestiones marxistas

Anagrama / Barcelona, Spain / 1974 /  /  /  /

- (espagñol) Anagrama, Barcelona, Spain, 1974

Wallace, Adam; Geddes, Serena (Illustrations): Rusty, Buster and Patch versus the Opera
Children's book with Marx-Brothers-like characters on the cover

Krueger Wallace Press /  / 2017 / 0 994469 39 X

- Krueger Wallace Press, 2017, ISBN: 0 994469 39 X (ISBN-13: 9780994469397)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK CA

Wenden, D.J.: Review of "The Marx-Brothers - A Biobibliography" by Gehring,W.D.


- Historical Journal Of Film Radio And Television, Vol. 10, No. 3, Abingdon, UK, 1990, ISSN: 0143-9685

- Historical Journal Of Film Radio And Television, Vol. 11, No. 1, Abingdon, UK, 1991, ISSN: 0143-9685 / just one paragraph

Winnington, Richard: Drawn and Quartered


- Saturn Press, 1948

Wray, Fay: On the Other Hand: A Life Story


- St. Martin's Press, New York, NY, 1988

Wright, Basil: Long View: History & Appreciation of Movies
Keywords: filmmakers motion pictures films cinema talkies silents Hollywood melies documentaries vitascope video lumiere brothers de mille decor costumes wiene lang pabst clair feyder sound scores mood comedy Marx bros. musicals lubi cinema/TV/Hollywood


- Knopf, New York, NY, 1974

Yacowar, Maurice: I found it at the Movies
has a 2 pages about the Marx Brothers


- Revisionist Press, New York, NY, 1977, ISBN: 0 87700 256 8 (ISBN-13: 9780877002567)
   Available from amazon (commissions earned*): USA UK CA

Yardley, Jonathan: Ring (A Biography of Ring Lardner)


- Random House, New York, NY, 1977

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