The Marx Brothers


Books and articles by and about colleagues and contemporaries of the Marx Brothers

Not necessarily having a lot about the Brothers.

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Allen, Fred; McCarthy, Joe (ed.): Fred Allen's Letters
Letters to Groucho Marx, Abe Burrows, Pat Weaver, John Steinbeck, Herman Wouk, and H. Allen Smith.


- Pocket Books #75110

Alonso, Harriet Hyman: Yip Harburg: Legendary Lyricist and Human Rights Activist

Wesleyan University Press /  / 2012 / 0 8195 7128 8

- Wesleyan University Press, 2012, ISBN: 0 8195 7128 8 (ISBN-13: 9780819571281)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR IT CA JP

Ashley, Sally: FPA: The Life and Times of Franklin P. Adams


- Beaufort Books, New York, NY, 1986

Benchley, Nathaniel: Robert Benchley (a biography)


- McGraw Hill, New York, NY, 1955

Benchley, Robert: From Bed to Worse


- Harper & Brothers, New York, NY, 1934

Benchley, Robert: Inside Benchley


- , ISBN: 0 88411 302 7 (ISBN-13: 9780884113027)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

- Harper & Brothers, New York, NY, 1942

Benchley, Robert: The Benchley Roundup

The University of Chicago Press / Chicago, IL / 1983 / 0 226 04218 9

- Harper & Row, ISBN: 0 06 010290 X (ISBN-13: 9780060102906)

- Harper & Brothers, New York, NY, 1954

- The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL, 1983, ISBN: 0 226 04218 9 (ISBN-13: 9780226042183)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Bernstein, Burton: Thurber (a biography)


- Dodd Mead & Co., New York, NY, 1975

Blackburn, Dick: In Cadaques the Name of the Game is Dali
"... account of the Dali story" (Adamson)


- On View, Dec 1968

Bogdanovich, Peter: Leo McCarey Interviews, Nov 25, 1968 - May 6, 1969


- Furnished by the American Film Institute / (unpublished)

Brecher, Irving (with Hank Rosenfeld): The Wicked Wit of the West
The Last Great Golden Age Screenwriter Shares the Hilarity and Heartaches of Working With Groucho, Garland, Gleason, Burns, Berle, Benny, and many more

Ben Yehuda Press / Teaneck, NJ / 2008 / 0 978998 08 1 Sagoma /  / 2013 / 88 650 6031 X

- Ben Yehuda Press, Teaneck, NJ, 2008, ISBN: 0 978998 08 1 (ISBN-13: 9780978998080) / (hardback)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA JP

- Ben Yehuda Press, Teaneck, NJ, 2008, ISBN: 1 934730 23 8 (ISBN-13: 9781934730232) / (paperback)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA JP

- Ben Yehuda Press, 2009, ISBN: 1 934730 32 7 (ISBN-13: 9781934730324)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR IT CA JP

- (italiano) Sagoma, 2013, ISBN: 88 650 6031 X (ISBN-13: 9788865060315)
   titled: A pesca con Groucho
   Available from amazon: USA IT CA

- (italiano) Sagoma, 2013
   titled: A pesca con Groucho / Kindle edition
   Available from amazon: USA IT CA

Brownlow, Kevin: The Parade's Gone By ...
"... impressions of Thalberg" (Adamson)


- Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY, 1968

Burns, George: Living It Up. Or, They Still Love Me in Altoona
(reference in Arce: Groucho)


- G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, NY, 1976

Calman, Mel: Perelman in Cloudsville


- Sight and Sound, Vol. 47, No. 4, 1978, Autumn, ISSN: 0037-4806

Carlisle Hart, Kitty: Kitty, an autobiography
Biography by the actress from "A Night At The Opera" who later married the writer Moss Hart


- Doubleday, New York, NY, 1988, ISBN: 0 385 24425 8 (ISBN-13: 9780385244251)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Thorndike Press, Thorndike, ME, 1989, ISBN: 0 89621 851 1 (ISBN-13: 9780896218512) / Large Print
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- St. Martin's Press, New York, NY, 1989, ISBN: 0 312 03373 7 (ISBN-13: 9780312033736)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Cassandra: The Agony of Making People Laugh
"A meeting with S.J. Perelman" ('Other references' in Eyles, 1969)


- The Daily Mirror, London, UK, 10 Jun 1964

Cassara, Bill: Edgar Kennedy - Master of the slow burn
Edgar Kennedy appeared as the lemonade vendor in "Duck Soup"

Bearmanor Media /  / 2005 / 1 59393 018 6

- Bearmanor Media, 2005, ISBN: 1 59393 018 6 (ISBN-13: 9781593930189)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA JP

Daney, Serge; Noames, Jean-Louis: Leo et les aléas
Interview with Leo McCarey ('Other references' in Eyles, 1969)


- Cahiers du Cinéma in English, No. 7
   titled: Taking Chances

- (français) Cahiers du Cinéma 163, Feb 1965

Drennan, Robert E. (Ed): The Algonquin Wits

Replica Books /  / 2000 / 0 7351 0116 7

- Citadel Pr, 1968

- Frewin, London, UK, 1973, ISBN: 0 85632 063 3 (ISBN-13: 9780856320637) / titled: Wit's end: the best of the brilliant humour of the celebrated Round Table (The vicious circle of wit) at the Algonquin Hotel, New York
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Citadel Pr, 1995, ISBN: 0 8065 0947 3 (ISBN-13: 9780806509471) / Heywood H. Broun (foreword), paperback
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Replica Books, 2000, ISBN: 0 7351 0116 7 (ISBN-13: 9780735101166) / Heywood H. Broun (foreword), hardcover
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Florey, Robert: Hollywood d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui
Writes about his time when making of 'The Cocoanuts' and has two pictures from that movie.


- (français) Editions Prisma, Paris, France, 1948

Gaines, James R.: Wit's End (Days and Nights of the Algonquin Round Table)


- Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York, NY, 1977

Gale, Steven H.: S.J. Perelman (an annotated bibliography)


- Garland Publishing, New York, NY, 1985, ISBN: 0 8240 8845 X (ISBN-13: 9780824088453)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Gale, Steven H.: S.J. Perelman (a critical study)
The chapter on Perelman's film scripts is mainly on his work with the Marx Brothers

Greenwood Press / New York, NY / Westport, CT / London, UK / 1987 / 0 313 25003 0

- Greenwood Press, New York, NY / Westport, CT / London, UK, 1987, ISBN: 0 313 25003 0 (ISBN-13: 9780313250033)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Garcia, Roger (ed.): Frank Tashlin
Publisher's description: "A tribute to a multi-talented American illustrator, film director and screenwriter, whose comic scripts were used by Hal Roach, the Marx Brothers and Bob Hope, amongst other stars. Tashlin's work is saluted in this volume by Martin Scorsese, Wim Wenders, Joe Dante and many others."


- British Film Institute, 1994, ISBN: 0 8517 0462 X (ISBN-13: 9780851704623)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Goldstein, Malcolm: George S. Kaufman (His life, his Theater)


- Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 1979

Golenpaul, Dan: Papers, 1934-1981 (bulk 1934-1977)
Radio and television producer. Born 1901, died 1974. Correspondence, writings, scripts, contracts, clippings, and guest lists relating particularly to the Information Please program produced by Golenpaul for radio and television and to his subsequent publication, Information Please Almanac. Correspondents include ... the Marx Brothers (LOC info)


- Library of Congress Manuscript Division Washington, D.C., Control No.: mm 81059808

Haining, P.: The Legend of Charlie Chaplin
A collection of articles & essays by people who knew & worked with Chaplin (among them Groucho)


- Castle, Secaucus, NJ, 1982

Herrmann, Dorothy: S.J. Perelman (a life)


- G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, NY, 1986

- Simon and Schuster, New York, NY / London, UK, 1988, ISBN: 0 671 65460 8 (ISBN-13: 9780671654603)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA

Hoyt, Edwin P.: Alexander Woollcott: The Man Who Came to Dinner


Kaufman, George S.; Donald Oliver (ed.): By George (A Kaufman collection)
This book has a script of the stage version of "The Cocoanuts"


- St. Martin's Press, New York, NY, 1979, ISBN: 0 312 11101 0 (ISBN-13: 9780312111014)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Keaton, Buster; Samuels, Charles: My Wonderful World of Slapstick
Has something about the making of 'At the Circus' (Adamson)


- Doubleday & Co., Garden City, NY, 1960

Lardner, Ring; Geismar, Maxwell (ed.): The Ring Lardner Reader


- Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, NY, 1963

Levant, Oscar: The Unimportance of Being Oscar
Contains Hollywood anecdotes, witticism, ad libs, reminiscences, and commentaries. Comments by Levant on Groucho and Harpo Marx, Leonard Bernstein, Jack Paar, Truman Capote, George and Ira Gershwin, Noel Coward, Billy Rose, Benny Goodman, Humphrey Bogart.


- Pocketbooks, 1969

Lister, Eric: Don't Mention the Marx Brothers: Reminescences of S.J. Perelman
The Marxes are mentioned three of four times. "... stringing together a dozen anecdotes does not create a book" (TFG)


- The Book Guild, Sussex, UK, 1985, ISBN: 0 86322 155 1

- Merrimack, Topsfield, MA, 1985

Luminello, Stephen: Esther Muir (with filmography)
Abstract: "A biography of motion picture and stage actress Esther Muir. Muir is best remembered today for her role opposite the Marx Brothers in A Day At The Races. [..]"


- Films in Review, Vol. 45, 1994-May/June, ISSN: 0015-1688

Marx, Samuel: Mayer and Thalberg: The Make-Believe Saints


- Random House, New York, NY, 1975

Meade, Marion: Dorothy Parker, What Fresh Hell Is This?
Several pages mention the Marx Brothers and their association with Parker.

Penguin Books / New York, NY / 1989 / 0 14 011616 8

- Villard Books, 1988

- Penguin Books, New York, NY, 1989, ISBN: 0 14 011616 8 (ISBN-13: 9780140116168) / paperback
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Meredith, Scott: George S. Kaufman and his Friends


- , ISBN: 0 04 920052 6 (ISBN-13: 9780049200524) / titled: 'George S. Kaufman and the Algonquin Round Table'
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

- Doubleday & Co., New York, NY, 1974

Meryman, Richard: Mank: The Wit, World and Life and Herman Mankiewicz
Best known as the primary author of CITIZEN KANE, Mankiewicz, though he failed in his one desire to become a renowned writer, did give us some classic film scripts: DINNER AT EIGHT; GIRL CRAZY and PRIDE OF THE YANKEES. (Not to mention producing two of the Marx Brothers films.) He was also a member of the famous Algonquin Round Table in New York with such greats as Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, James Thurber, George S Kaufman


- William Morrow and Co, 1978

O'Brien, Scott: Kay Francis: I Can't Wait to Be Forgotten
Kay Francis played 'Penelope' in The Cocoanuts

Bearmanor Media /  / 2006 / 1 59393 036 4

- Bearmanor Media, 2006, ISBN: 1 59393 036 4 (ISBN-13: 9781593930363)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA JP

O'Toole, Monsignor Joseph M.: My God, What A Life
Includes stories of his relationships with such reknown entertainers as Harpo Marx and Betty Grable.


- , St. Louis, 1981

Oppenheimer, George: The View from The Sixties: Memories of a Spent Life
Chapter 4: "The Sound Stage"; "Oppenheimer's account of working on the script of 'A Day at the Races'" ('Other references' in Eyles, 1969)


- David McKay, New York, NY, 1965, 1966

Perelman, S.J.: Dawn Ginsbergh's Revenge
the first book to have a dust jacket blurb from Groucho


- Horace Liveright, New York, NY, 1929

Perelman, S.J.: The Most of S.J. Perelman
Includes "I'll always call you a schnorrer, my African explorer" which had appeared as an article in 'Holiday' titled "A Weekend with Groucho Marx"


- Simon and Schuster, New York, NY, 1958

- Eyre Methuen, London, UK, 1978, ISBN: 0 413 45490 8 (ISBN-13: 9780413454904)
   Available from amazon: UK

- Mandarin, 1991, ISBN: 0 7493 1039 1 (ISBN-13: 9780749310394)
   Available from amazon: UK DE

Perelman, S.J.: The Last Laugh
Includes a chapter "The Marx Brothers" which had been an article in 'Show' called "The Winsome Foursome"

Simon and Schuster / New York, NY / 1981 / 0 671 42515 3

- Simon and Schuster, New York, NY, 1981, ISBN: 0 671 42515 3 (ISBN-13: 9780671425159)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Perelman, S.J.; Crowther, Prudence (ed.): Don't Tread on Me (The selected letters of S.J. Perelman)
Has two letters addressed to Groucho. The Marx Brothers are mentioned in letters to other people


- Viking, New York, NY, 1987, ISBN: 0 670 81759 7 (ISBN-13: 9780670817597)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Perelman, S.J.; Marshall, Richard C. (ed.): That Old Gang of Mine (The early and essential S.J. Perelman)


- William Morrow and Company, New York, NY, 1984

Perelman, S.J.; Teicholz, Tom (ed.): Conversations With S.J. Perelman (Literary Conversations Series)
contains the chapter where Perelman, Groucho, and Kenneth Tynan talk about funny men


- University Press of Mississippi, 1995, ISBN: 0 87805 789 7 (ISBN-13: 9780878057894) / (hardcover)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- University Press of Mississippi, 1995, ISBN: 0 87805 790 0 (ISBN-13: 9780878057900) / (paperback)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Roth, Lillian; Conolly, Mike; Frank, Gerold: I'll Cry Tomorrow
"'It was one step removed from a circus' and other comments about working with the Marx Brothers on 'Animal Crackers'." ('Other references' in Eyles, 1969)


- Arthur Barker, London, UK, 1954

- Frederick Fell, New York, NY, 1954

Ryskind, Morrie; Roberts, John H. M.: I Shot an Elephant in My Pajamas: The Morrie Ryskind Story


- Huntington House Publishers/Vital Issues Press, 1994, ISBN: 1 56384 000 6 (ISBN-13: 9781563840005)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Taves, Brain: Robert Florey, the French Expressionist
Florey directed 'The Cocoanuts'


- Scarecrow press

Teichman, Howard: George S. Kaufman (An intimate portrait)


- Atheneum, New York, NY, 1972, Library of Congress: 72-75262

Teichman, Howard: Smart Aleck: The Wit, World, and Life of Alexander Woollcott


- William Morrow and Company, New York, NY, 1976, ISBN: 0 688 03034 3 (ISBN-13: 9780688030346)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Thomas, Bob: King Cohn (The life and times of Harry Cohn)
"See [this] for [Harry] Ruby's days with Cohn" (Adamson)


- G.P. Putman's Sons, New York, NY, 1967

Thomas, Bob: Thalberg


- Garland Publishing, ISBN: 0 8240 5779 1 (ISBN-13: 9780824057794)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Doubleday & Co., Garden City, NY, 1969

Thurber, James: My Life and Hard Times


- Harper & Brothers, New York, NY, 1933

Thurber, James; White, E.B.: Is Sex Necessary?


- Harper & Brothers, New York, NY, 1929

Young, Jordan R.: The Laugh Crafters: Comedy Writing in Radio and TV's Golden Age
Interviews with writers for radio comedy. Includes Charlie Isaacs and Irving Brecher who did write for Groucho.

Past Times Pub Co /  / 1999 / 0 940410 37 0

- Past Times Pub Co, 1999, ISBN: 0 940410 37 0 (ISBN-13: 9780940410374)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Zinsser, William: That Perelman of Great Price Is 65


- New York Times Magazine, 26 Jan 1969

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