The Marx Brothers


Books and articles which have the Marx Brothers not as their main topic, but have a significant part about them

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Р. Юренев (ред.): Комики мирового экрана
the title of this Russian book translates as "Comedians of the world screens". It has chapters about comedians from Buster Keaton to Louis de Funes, including one about the Brothers


- (Russian) Издательство "Искусство", Москва, СССР, 1966

植草 甚一: いい映画を見に行こう
Title roughly translates as :"Let's go see a good movie". As far as I can make out, this book contains essays about cinema. One chapter mentions the Marx Brothers in the chapter title.

晶文社 /  / 2004 / 4 794 92561 1

- (japanese) 晶文社, 2004, ISBN: 4 794 92561 1 (ISBN-13: 9784794925619)
   Available from amazon: USA DE CA JP

- (japanese) 晶文社, 2004 / (Kindle edition)
   Available from amazon: USA DE CA JP

- (japanese) 晶文社, 2017, ISBN: 4 794 97201 6 (ISBN-13: 9784794972019)
   Available from amazon: USA DE CA JP

(N.N.): A Night in Casablanca - with the mad Marx Brothers
One page article and two pages of pictures from the movie


- in: "Preview 1947, World Film Publications, London, UK, 1947

Ager, Cecilia: Review of 'A Day at the Races'


- in: Cooke, Alistair (ed.): "Garbo and the Night Watchmen", Jonathan Cape, London, UK, 1937

Allen, Steve: The Funny Men
About TV comedians popular at the time (1950's). Each of the sixteen chapters is devoted to one comedian. Groucho appears among Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Fred Allen, Milton Berle and others


- Simon and Schuster, New York, NY, 1956, Library of Congress: 56-7492

Allen, Steve: Funny People
This book is a kind of updated version of his earlier book. He added some contemporary comedians like Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, but there is also a chapter about Groucho.


- Stein and Day Publishers, New York, NY, 1981, ISBN: 0 8128 2764 3 (ISBN-13: 9780812827644)
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- Stein and Day Publishers, New York, NY, 1984, ISBN: 0 8128 8011 0 (ISBN-13: 9780812880113)
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Austerlitz, Saul: Another Fine Mess: A History of American Film Comedy
has a chapter about the Marx Brothers (12 out of 512 pages), and they are mentioned a few times throughout, especially in the chapters about Mae West and Woody Allen

Chicago Review Press / Chicago, IL / 2010 / 1 556 52951 1

- Chicago Review Press, Chicago, IL, 2010, ISBN: 1 556 52951 1 (ISBN-13: 9781556529511)
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Bayer, William: The Great Movies
The book covers what Bayer has decided are the 60 greatest movies of all time, Duck Soup made the list.

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- Grosset & Dunlop Inc., A Ridge Press Book, 1973, ISBN: 0 448 2217 6

Berkowitz, Edward D.: Mass Appeal: The Formative Age of the Movies, Radio, and TV
The chapter "From Broadway to Hollywood with Groucho, Fred, and Ginger" has a ten page history of the Marx Brothers. Irritatingly the author (or the spellcheck) uses "Marx brothers", with a small "b" throughout.

Cambridge University Press /  / 2010 / 0 521 88908 1

- Cambridge University Press, 2010, ISBN: 0 521 88908 1 (ISBN-13: 9780521889087) / harcover
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- Cambridge University Press, 2010, ISBN: 0 521 71777 9 (ISBN-13: 9780521717779) / paperback
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Boller, Paul F., Jr.; Davis, Ronald L.: Hollywood Anecdotes
Good stories, authentic and apocryphal about making movies in Hollywood and those involved. Keywords: Hollywood, DeMille, Gary Cooper, Jack Warner, Sam Goldwyn, Walt Disney, Groucho Marx, Jimmy Cagney, Greer Garson, Billy Wilder


- William Morrow and Company, New York, NY, 1987, ISBN: 0 688 05875 2 (ISBN-13: 9780688058753)
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- Ballantine Books, 1988, ISBN: 0 345 35654 3 (ISBN-13: 9780345356543)
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Brandlmeier, Thomas: Filmkomiker: Die Errettung des Grotesken
Chapter: Die Marx Brothers

Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag /  / 2017 / 3 596 31815 7

- (deutsch) Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1983

- (deutsch) Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 2017, ISBN: 3 596 31815 7 (ISBN-13: 9783596318155)
   Available from amazon: DE

Burns, George: All My Best Friends
with David Fisher
Many funny stories about Harpo Marx, Jack Benny, etc.


- Putnam, New York, NY, 1989

Burr, Lonnie: Two for the Show: Great 20th Century Comedy Teams
has a chapter about the Marx Brothers / Lincoln, NE / 2000 / 0 595 00300 1

- Julian Messner, 1979, ISBN: 0 671 32915 4 (ISBN-13: 9780671329150)

-, Lincoln, NE, 2000, ISBN: 0 595 00300 1 (ISBN-13: 9780595003006)
   Available from amazon: USA CA

Cantor, Eddie: As I Remember Them
Includes chapter on Groucho


- Duell, Sloan and Pearce, New York, NY, 1963

Carabba, Claudio; Vannini, Andrea: Sogni proibiti : i comici di Hollywood dai Marx Brothers a Woody Allen

Vallecchi / Firenze, Italy / 1979 /

- (italiano) Vallecchi, Firenze, Italy, 1979

Chesler, Judd: Toward a Surrealist Film Aesthetic with an Investigation into the Elements of Surrealism in the Marx Brothers and Jean Vigo
Ph.D. thesis


- Northwestern University, 1976

- University Microfilm No. 7701229, Ann Arbor, MI, 1977

Conrich, Ian: Merry Melodies: The Marx Brothers' Musical Moments

Intellect Books / Exeter, UK / Portland, OR / 2000 / 1 84150 003 8

- Intellect Books, Exeter, UK / Portland, OR, 2000, ISBN: 1 84150 003 8 (ISBN-13: 9781841500034) / in "Musicals: Hollywood and Beyond", Bill Marshall , Robynn Stilwell (eds.)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA

Cooke, Alistair (ed.): Garbo and the Nightwatchmen
A collection of film criticism compiled in 1937. Included are articles about ANATO by Otis Ferguson, and about ADATR by Cecelia Ager.


- Jonathan Crape, 1947

- McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, 1971, Library of Congress: 79-135303

Dale, Alan: Comedy Is a Man in Trouble
"Rather than attempt of account for every low-comedy star and his/her entire repertoire, Dale focuses on a handful of key superstars - specifically Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, the Marx Brothers and Jerry Lewis - and combines biography with cinematic analysis to create a convincing timeline of the rise, fall, and rebirth of one of the movies' most popular genres. He also takes time to examine the controversial role of women in Hollywood comedy, ultimately anointing Katherine Hepburn as the Queen of Slapstick." - Fade In

University of Minnesota Press / Minneapolis, MN / 2002 / 0 8166 3658 3

- University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, 2000, ISBN: 0 8166 3657 5 (ISBN-13: 9780816636570) / (hardcover)
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- University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, 2002, ISBN: 0 8166 3658 3 (ISBN-13: 9780816636587) / (paperback)
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Doctorow, E.L.: Creationists: Selected Essays: 1993-2006
This book has a piece about Harpo, most likely the introduction Doctorow wrote for "Harpo Speaks"

Random House /  / 2006 / 1 400 06495 3

- Random House, 2006, ISBN: 1 400 06495 3 (ISBN-13: 9781400064953)
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Durgnat, Raymond: The Crazy Mirror - Hollywood comedy and the American Image
Chapter 'Four against alienation', based on his booklet for the Östereichisches Filmmuseum, same chapter in "Durgnat on Film"


- Latimer Trend & Co., Plymouth, UK, 1969

- Faber, London, UK, 1969

- Horizon Press, New York, NY, 1970

- Dell Publishing Co., New York, NY, 1972, ISBN: 0 440 01616 9 (ISBN-13: 9780440016168)

Durgnat, Raymond: Durgnat on Film
Selection from Durgnat's earlier works. Marx Brothers chapter 'Four against alienation', based on his booklet for the Östereichisches Filmmuseum, same chapter in "The Crazy Mirror".


- Faber and Faber, London, UK, 1976, ISBN: 0 571 10656 0 (ISBN-13: 9780571106561) / has the Marx Brothers on the cover
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Edelson, Edward: Funny men of the movies
Chapter 7: "The Marx Revolution"; "Traces the development of comedy in film, discussing such comedians as Chaplin, Keaton, the Hardys, Marx Brothers, Fields, Jerry Lewis, and Woody Allen." (NYPL info)


- Doubleday & Co., Garden City, NY, 1976, ISBN: 0 385 09688 7 (ISBN-13: 9780385096881)
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- Doubleday & Co., Garden City, NY, 1976, ISBN: 0 385 09693 3 (ISBN-13: 9780385096935)
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- Pocket Books, New York, NY, 1980, ISBN: 0 671 29912 3 (ISBN-13: 9780671299125)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Feibleman, James: Praise of Comedy: A Study of its Theory and Practice
Chapter 5: "The Comedy of Everyday Life: The Marx Brothers"


- George Allen & Unwin, London, UK, 1939

- Russell & Russell, New York, NY, 1939

Fowler, Christopher; Buckley, Stuart (Ills.): How to Impersonate Famous People
Has instructions for dressing up as Groucho or Harpo


- Quartet Books, London, UK, 1984, ISBN: 0 7043 3463 1 (ISBN-13: 9780704334632)
   Available from amazon: UK

- Crown Publishers, Prince Paperbacks, New York, NY, 1985, ISBN: 0 517 55838 6 (ISBN-13: 9780517558386)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Freedland, Michael: So Lets Hear the Applause
The Story of the Jewish Entertainer. Biographies of: The Marx Brothers, Woody Allen, B. Streisand, Walter Matthau, Bob Dylan & others


- Vallentine Mitchell, London, UK, 1984, ISBN: 0 85303 215 7 (ISBN-13: 9780853032151)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

French, Philip; Wlaschin, Ken (eds.): The Faber Book of Movie verse
Poems about movie stars and cinema in general. Has "Ode to Groucho" by Martin Bell, "To the Lady Portrayed by Margret Dumont" by John Hollander, "Villanelle for Harpo Marx" by John Wain, "To Harpo Marx" by Jack Kerouac and "Harpo Marx" by Robert Lowell


- Faber and Faber, 1993, ISBN: 0 571 16660 1 (ISBN-13: 9780571166602) / (hardcover)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Faber and Faber, London, UK, 1994, ISBN: 0 571 17329 2 (ISBN-13: 9780571173297) / (paperback)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Ramboro Books PLC, 1997, ISBN: 7 215 99561 5 (ISBN-13: 9787215995611)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA

Galante, Pierre: Les Rois de rire
has a chapter about the Brothers


- (français) Hachette, Paris, France, 1972

Gale, Matthew (ed.): Dali & Film
Exhibition catalogue. Contains an article about Dali's script for the Marx Brothers and an article by Dali about Hollywood and Harpo in particular

Tate Publishing / London, UK / 2007 / 1 8543 7685 3

- Tate Publishing, London, UK, 2007, ISBN: 1 8543 7685 3 (ISBN-13: 9781854376855) / (paperback)
   Available from amazon: UK DE FR JP

- Tate Publishing, London, UK, 2007, ISBN: 1 8543 7684 5 (ISBN-13: 9781854376848) / (hardback)
   Available from amazon: UK DE FR

Gehring, Wes D.: Film Clowns of the Depression: Twelve Defining Comic Performances
Examines 12 movies made between 1931 and 1939, including Duck Soup and A Night at the Opera (about 15 pages each)

McFarland & Company /  / 2007 / 0 7864 2892 9

- McFarland & Company, 2007, ISBN: 0 7864 2892 9 (ISBN-13: 9780786428922)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA JP

Giesen, Rolf (Bernhard Matt ed.): Lachbomben: die grossen Filmkomiker
Comedians from silent films to the 1940s


- (deutsch) Heyne, München, Germany, 1991, ISBN: 3 453 04937 3 (ISBN-13: 9783453049376)
   Available from amazon: USA DE CA

Gore, Chris: The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made
Mentions the Billy Wilder project "A Day at the United Nations"


- St. Martin's Press, New York, NY, 1999, ISBN: 0 312 20082 X (ISBN-13: 9780312200824)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Guttmacher, Peter: Legendary Comedies
This book covers comedy movies from Harold Loyd to Robin Williams. The Marx Brothers have four pages devoted to them.

Metrobooks - Friedman/Fairfax / New York, NY / 1996 / 1 56799 239 0

- Metrobooks - Friedman/Fairfax, New York, NY, 1996, ISBN: 1 56799 239 0 (ISBN-13: 9781567992397)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Halliwell, Leslie: Halliwell's Hundred


- Scribner's

Herrmann, Dorothy: With Malice Toward All
Lives and loves of some 20th century American wits (Groucho Marx, Benchley, Woollcott, Fields, Parker)


- G.P. Putnam, 1982, ISBN: 0 399 12710 0 (ISBN-13: 9780399127106)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Hytner, Nicholas: Film - 20th Century Icons
Selected by Nicholas Hytner, text by Simon Braund. The Marx Brothers are on the cover. Paperback featuring director Nicholas Hytner's ("The Madness of King George") choice of films of the century. Features "A Night at the Opera" among others movies like "Lawrence of Arabia", "Psycho", "Rashomon", "The Godfather", "The Wizard of Oz"

Absolute Press / Bath, UK / 1999 / 1 899791 87 6

- Absolute Press, Bath, UK, 1999, ISBN: 1 899791 87 6 (ISBN-13: 9781899791873)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA JP

Johnson, Paul: Humorists
This book about people as diverse as Benjamin Franklin and Toulouse-Lautrec has a chapter about the Marx Brothers

Harper Collins /  / 2010 / 0 06 182591 3 Blackstone Audio, Inc. / 2010 /  / 1 441 75744 9

- Blackstone Audio, Inc., 2010, ISBN: 1 441 75744 9 (ISBN-13: 9781441757449) / Audiobook
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA

- Harper Collins, 2010, ISBN: 0 06 182591 3 (ISBN-13: 9780061825910)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA

- Harper Collins, 2010 / Kindle Download
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA

Jordan, Thomas H.: The Anatomy of Cinematic Humor, with an Analytic Essay on the Marx Brothers


- Revisionist Press, New York, NY, 1974/1975, ISBN: 0 87700 209 6 (ISBN-13: 9780877002093) / also sometimes listed with (wrong) ISBNs 0 685 04343 6, 0 87700 205 3
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA

Köppl, Rainer Maria: Ikonen unter Druck : Hitchcock, die Marx Brothers und Dracula ; zur Archäologie der Populärkultur


- Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria, 2002 / Habilitationsschrift/Thesis

Kanin, Garson: Together Again: Stories of the Great Hollywood Teams
chapter "The Marx Brothers - the hilarious relatives"; does not give very much information and is full of errors


- Doubleday & Company, Garden City, NY, 1981

Krassner, Paul: My acid Trip with Groucho Marx
In this 16-page booklet Krassner describes meetings with people like Timothy Leary and Otto Preminger. All stories have something to do with LSD or Groucho (or both)


- High Times / first publication, titled: "See the secret Word and Win $100"

- Blue Angle, Inc., New York, NY, 1982

Kyrou, Ado: Le Surréalisme au Cinéma
The Marx Brothers are prominently mentioned


- (français) Arcanes, Paris, France, 1953

- (français) Le Terrain Vague, 1963

La Polla, Franco: Il riso, la morte e i diavoli: Ancora su Woody Allen e i fratelli Marx
American literature; 1900-1999; Allen, Woody; film; treatment of Jews; compared to Marx Brothers films; general literature; film


- (italiano) in: Fink, Guido, Morisco, Gabriella (eds.): "Il recupero del testo: Aspetti della letteratura ebraico-americana", Cooperativa Lib. Univ. Ed. Bologna, Bologna, 1988

Leeflang, Thomas: De wereld van de comedy
has a chapter on the Marx Brothers


- (nederlands) Uniebook B.V., Netherlands, 1985

- (nederlands) Van Holkema & Warendorf, Netherlands, 1986

- Windward, Leicester, UK, 1988, ISBN: 0 7112 0493 4 (ISBN-13: 9780711204935)
   titled: The World of Comedy, translated by: Phil Goddard
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA

LeMaster, David James: Charlie Chaplin and Harpo Marx as Masks of the Commedia dell'Arte: Theory and Practice
Keywords: dramatic arts; film; role of Chaplin, Charles Spencer; Marx, Harpo; relationship to commedia dell'arte


- Texas Tech University, Ph.D. thesis, 1995

- University Microfilm No. 9529798, Ann Arbor, MI, 1995

Lloyd, Ann (ed.): Movies of the Thirties
Has a four page article about the Marx Brothers by Charlotte Chandler, of which half a page is an article about Margret Dumont


- Orbis Publishing, London, UK, 1983, ISBN: 0 85613 523 2 (ISBN-13: 9780856135231)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Maltin, Leonard: Movie Comedy Teams
chapter "The Marx Brothers"


- Signet Books, W4453, New York, NY, 1970

- Plume/New American Library, New York, NY, 1974

- , 1985

Maltin, Leonard: The Great Movie Comedians: From Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen
This book features classic comedians like: Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, W.C.Fields, Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis. There is one chapter about the Marx Brothers.


- Crown Publishers, New York, NY, 1978, ISBN: 0 517 53241 7 (ISBN-13: 9780517532416)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Harmony Books, New York, NY, 1982

Manchel, Frank: The Talking Clowns: From Laurel and Hardy to the Marx Brothers
Brief sketches of the life and careers of the great talking film comedians of the 1930's: Laurel and Hardy, W. C. Fields, Mae West, and the Marx Brothers. (Book summary) (130 pages, 34 page chapter about the Marx Brothers)


- Franklin Watts, New York, NY / London, UK, 1976, ISBN: 0 531 01153 4 (ISBN-13: 9780531011539)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Matthews, J.H.: Surrealism and Film
The Marx Brothers are prominently mentioned


- University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, MI, 1971

McCaffrey, Donald: The Golden Age of Sound Comedy: Comic Films and Comedians of the Thirties
Chapter 4: "Zanies in a Stage-Movieland"


- A.S. Barnes and Co., New York, NY, 1973

Montgomery, John: Comedy Films: 1894-1954
Chapter 16 "The Eccentrics" devoted to the Marxes and W.C. Fields


- , 1954

- George Allen & Unwin, London, UK, 1968

Neibaur, James L.: Movie Comedians: The complete guide
Not nearly as complete as the title suggests. For each comedian or team there's a very brief biography and information about the films. (TFG)


- McFarland & Co, Jefferson, NC, 1986, ISBN: 0 89950 163 X (ISBN-13: 9780899501635)

New York Times: The New York Times Film Reviews


- The New York Times & Arno Press, New York, NY, 1970, 1971

Nippoldt, Robert; Kothenschulte, Daniel: Hollywood in den 30er Jahren
Articles about various actors from the 1930s including the Marx Brothers

Gerstenberg Verlag /  / 2011 / 3 8369 2628 8

- (deutsch) Gerstenberg Verlag, 2011, ISBN: 3 8369 2628 8 (ISBN-13: 9783836926287)
   Available from amazon: DE

Norman, Barry: The Movie Greats
This one is a collection of chapters about 9 personalities: Chapter 3 is about Groucho. The others are: Marilyn Monroe, Peter Finch, Jack Hawkins, Edward G. Robinson, Robert Donat, Gracie Fields, Leslie Howard, Charlie Chaplin and a final chapter on Hollywood in general.


- Hodder and Stoughton, London, UK, 1981, ISBN: 0 340 25972 8 (ISBN-13: 9780340259726) / also has ISBN 0 563 17972 4 for BBC publication
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

- Arrow, London, UK, 1982, ISBN: 0 09 929170 3 (ISBN-13: 9780099291701)
   Available from amazon: UK DE

Norman, Barry: The Film Greats


- Hodder and Stoughton / British Broadcasting Corp., Sevenoaks, Kent, UK / London, 1985, ISBN: 0 340 35270 1 (ISBN-13: 9780340352700)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- Futura, London, UK, 1986

Pérez Agustí, Adolfo: Cómicos del cine
This book has chapters about the Marx Brothers,Cantinflas, Woody Allen and Charlie Chaplin. Other comedians get a few pages. The Marx Brothers chapter is almost identical to the book "El humor de ... Los Hermanos Marx" by the same author

Ediciones Masters / Madrid, Spain /  / 84 933186 6 3

- (espagñol) Ediciones Masters, Madrid, Spain, ISBN: 84 933186 6 3 (ISBN-13: 9788493318666)

- (espagñol) , 1995, ISBN: 84 920232 3 6 (ISBN-13: 9788492023233)

Palumbo, Michele : Club Marx - Karl e Groucho
"... uno scherzo filosofico ..."

Etet Edizioni /  / 2013 / 88 9724 014 3

- (italiano) Etet Edizioni, 2013, ISBN: 88 9724 014 3 (ISBN-13: 9788897240143)
   Available from amazon: IT

Parish, James Robert; Bowers, Ronald L.: The MGM Stock Company: The Golden Era
a few pages about the Marx Brothers


- Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY, 1973

Parish, James Robert; Leonard, William T.; Mank, Gregory W.; Hoyt, Charles: The Funsters
This book presents 62 movie comedians from Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen. It has a 13-page chapter on the Marx Brothers.


- Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY, 1979, ISBN: 0 87000 418 2 (ISBN-13: 9780870004186)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA

Reichwein, Horst: Die Juden in der ostfriesischen Herrlichkeit Dornum
Book about about the history of the Jewish population in the home town of the Marx Brothers' mother Minnie. Contains the chapter "Die Marx Brothers und ihre Abstammung aus Dornum"

Edition Holtriem / Westerholt, Germany / 1997 / 3 931641 03 1

- (deutsch) Edition Holtriem, Westerholt, Germany, 1997, ISBN: 3 931641 03 1 (ISBN-13: 9783931641030)
   Available from amazon: DE

Robinson, Jeffrey: Teamwork: The Cinema's Greatest Comedy Teams
The chapter "The Marx Brothers" takes 17 of the 128 pages


- Proteus, New York, NY, 1982, ISBN: 0 86276 107 7 (ISBN-13: 9780862761073) / (paperback)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

- Proteus, New York, NY, 1982, ISBN: 0 86276 108 5 (ISBN-13: 9780862761080)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Rossi, John P.: A Night in Philadelphia
Keywords: American literature; 1900-1999; Johnstone, William B.; and Johnstone, Tom; I'll Say She Is; drama; role of Marx Brothers


- Four-Quarters, 8:1, 3-8, 1994, Spring

Rothe, Anna (ed.): Current Biography 1948
"Marx, Chico, Groucho, Harpo"


- The H.W. Wilson Company, New York, NY, 1949

Seeßlen, Georg: Klassiker der Filmkomik
has a chapter about the Marx Brothers


- (deutsch) Roloff und Seeßlen, München, Germany, 1976, ISBN: 3 88144 201 4 (ISBN-13: 9783881442015)
   Available from amazon: USA CA

- (deutsch) Roloff und Seeßlen, München, Germany, 1976, ISBN: 3 88144 101 8 (ISBN-13: 9783881441018)
   Available from amazon: UK DE

- (deutsch) Rowohlt, Reinbek, Germany, 1982, ISBN: 3 499 17424 3 (ISBN-13: 9783499174247) / Programm Roloff und Seeßlen, "Grundlagen des populären Films 10"
   Available from amazon: USA DE CA

Sennett, Ted: Laughing in the Dark - Movie Comedy from Groucho to Woody
Part of the chapter "The Comedy Icons of the Thirties" is about the Marx Brothers


- St. Martin's Press, New York, NY, 1992, ISBN: 0 312 06280 X (ISBN-13: 9780312062804)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Sinyard, Neil: Classic Movie Comedians
Chapter 6: "The Marx Brothers"


- Smithmark Publishers / Brompton Books Corp., New York, NY, 1992, ISBN: 0 8317 1451 4 (ISBN-13: 9780831714512)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Sjögren, Olle: Lekmannen i skrattspegeln. En kulturpsykologisk analys av tio manliga filmkomiker
PhD Thesis, Stockholms Universitet. The title translates as: "The (P)Layman In The Funny Mirror. A Psychocultural Analysis Of Ten Leading American Film Comedians". Abstract: "The subject of this thesis is the professional humor competence of the film comedians Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, W. C. Fields, Laurel & Hardy, The Marx Brothers, Jerry Lewis and Woody Allen."

Filmförlaget / Uppsala, Sweden / 1989 / 91 971157 1 1

- (svenska) Filmförlaget, Uppsala, Sweden, 1989, ISBN: 91 971157 1 1 (ISBN-13: 9789197115711)

Skolsky, Sidney: Times Square Tintypes
Short, 4 to 5 page "typewriter caricatures" of famous persons connected to Broadway in the 1920's, from the Marx Brothers to Fanny Brice to Flo Ziegfeld to Eugene O'Neill (50 in all). Delightful line drawing caricatures by Gard accompany each vignette.


- Ives Washburn, New York, NY, 1930

Thomas, Nick: Raised by the Stars
Collection of interviews with the children of Hollywood legends. This includes interviews with Harpo's children Bill (telephone interview) and Minnie (via email)

McFarland / Jefferson, NC / 2011 / 0 7864 6403 8

- McFarland, Jefferson, NC, 2011, ISBN: 0 7864 6403 8 (ISBN-13: 9780786464036)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA

Took, Barry: Comedy Greats: A Celebration of Comic Genius Past and Present
Has a chapter about the Marx Brothers. Also featured are Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Barry Humphries, Jacques Tati and others


- Equation, Wellingborough, UK, 1989, ISBN: 1 85336 039 2 (ISBN-13: 9781853360398)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

Vandenbunder, André: Film- en maatschappijstrukturen, de jonge Duitse film, de Marx brothers


- Nationale dienst voor filmclubs, Brussels, Belgium, 1978 / Film summer school, 28 juli/6 aug. 1978, Dommelhof Neerpelt

Vogel, Michelle: Children of Hollywood
about the children of Hollywood celebrities, includes chapters about Arthur Marx, Harpo's children and Maxine Marx. Unfortunately almost all of the material is taken from previously published books, so if you have got books like "Son of Groucho" or "Growing up with Chico" etc., you won't find anything new in here.

<!-- <a href=''> -->McFarland<!-- </a> --> /  / 2005 / 0 7864 2046 4

- McFarland, 2005, ISBN: 0 7864 2046 4 (ISBN-13: 9780786420469)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE FR CA JP

Wanamaker, Marc: Star Profiles
has two pages about Groucho


- , London, UK, 1984

Weales, Gerald: Canned Goods as Caviar: American Film Comedy of the 1930s
Chapter 3: "Duck Soup"


- The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL / London, UK, 1985, ISBN: 0 226 87663 2 (ISBN-13: 9780226876634) / hardcover
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

- The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL / London, UK, 1985, ISBN: 0 226 87664 0 (ISBN-13: 9780226876641) / paperback
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Wilson, Earl: The NBC Book of Stars
Keywords: television and radio Steve Allen Milton Berle bob hope Dinah shore Perry como Dave garroway George gobel Groucho Marx biography illustrated caricatures by wachsteter


- Pocket Books (1184), New York, 1957

Winokur, Mark Brian: American Laughter: Immigrants, Ethnicity, and 1930's Hollywood Film Comedy
Abstract: "My dissertation begins with the fact that American film comedy is produced by a disproportionate number of ethnics and immigrants, from creative staff (Chaplin, the Marx Brothers) to businessmen (Mayer, Thalberg, Zukor). I use historical parallels in literature to justify the sence that thematic treatment of assimilation in comedy is a distinctly American development. [..] But the bulk of the work consists of readings of three comedies, and so of three comic subgenres: Modern Times and silent comedy, Duck Soup and antic comedy, The Thin Man and the screwball. "


- PhD thesis, University Of California, Berkeley,CA, 1985

- St. Martin's Press, New York, 1995, ISBN: 0 312 12342 6 (ISBN-13: 9780312123420)
   Available from amazon: USA UK DE CA JP

Woollcott, Alexander: While Rome Burns
Has the articles 'Obituary [for Minnie Marx]' and 'My Friend Harpo'


- Amereon, ISBN: 0 89190 148 5 (ISBN-13: 9780891901488)
   Available from amazon: USA UK CA JP

- Grosset & Dunlap, New York, NY, 1934

- The Viking Press, New York, NY, 1934 / 12th printing October 1934

Woollcott, Alexander: Long, Long Ago
"I Might as Well Have Played Hooky" Comic essay. Joining Harpo as the subject of this piece are Irving Berlin and Norman Bel Geddes

 /  /  /

- World Book Company, New York, NY, 1943

- The Viking Press, New York, NY, 1943

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