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Articles about the Marx Brothers, their movies, stage shows etc.

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Pomostowski, Piotr: Go West, czyli bracia Marx dosiadają żelaznego konia
Abstrakt (from "The article is about the tenth image by famous Marx Brothers. Author of the text carried out a thorough analysis of the film Go West for the current in the game with western conventions. The text consists of five parts – introduction and four separate mini-chapters. In the first context the statement made b y the film Go West (by Edward Buzzel) the masterpiece of silent cinema – Iron Horse directed by John Ford, seeing the first image of a series of references to the other one. The second part is devoted to the image of Indians in the film Go West in the context of the existing schemes in the cinema of the thirties and forties. In the next section the author discusses the functions used in film music, and in the last – the final chase sequence, seeing in it references to the tradition of film slapstick. In conclusion, the author states that the game with conventions manifests itself not only in the film for a specific genre, but also the cinema in general, which in 1940 was an innovative solution."

@in: 'Images. The International Journal of European Film, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication', vol. XIV/no. 23 / @Poznań, Poland / @2014 / @1731-450

- (polski) in: "Images. The International Journal of European Film, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication", vol. XIV/no. 23, Poznań, Poland, 2014, ISSN: 1731-450

Woollcott, Alexander: Harpo Marx and Some Brothers
Review of 'I'll Say She Is'


- The New York World, 20 May 1924

- in: "The Marx Brothers Scrapbook", 1973

King, Fay: Fay King Finds Fun Galore in 'I'll Say She Is'


- Daily Mirror, 20 Oct 1924

- in: "The Groucho Phile", 1976

Woollcott, Alexander: Plays and Players in These Parts


- The Sun, 24 Nov 1924

- in: "The Groucho Phile", 1976

Woollcott, Alexander: A Mother of the Two-A-Day


- Saturday Evening Post, 20 Jun 1925

- in: "Going to Pieces", G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, NY, 1928

Oettinger, Malcolm H.: The most amusing family in the world


(N.N.): Marx Bros. Picture


- Variety, 24 Mar 1926

Kennedy, John B.: Slapstick Stuff
... a biographical overview of the family, and an analysis of their comedy as dependent upon being "clean and crude-for there's money in the old slapstick." (Gehring)


- Collier's, 10 Jul 1926

Hammond, Percy: Zeppo Also Serves, Who Only Stands and Waits


- New York Herald Tribune, 1928, c. Oct.

- in: "The Marx Brothers Scrapbook", 1973

Wilson, B.F.: The Mad Marxes Make for the Movies
One of the first film articles on the Marx Brothers (Gehring)


- Motion Picture Classic, Feb 1928

Hammond, Percy: The Favorite Marx Bros. in 'Animal Crackers,' a Rough, Handsome and Irresponsible Clown-Opera


- New York Herald Tribune, 24 Oct 1928

- in: "The Marx Brothers Scrapbook", 1973

Woollcott, Alexander: Portrait of a Man with Red Hair


- The New Yorker, 01 Dec 1928

Golden, Sylvia B.: Confessions of the Marx Brothers


- Theatre Magazine, Jan 1929

(N.N.): Marx Brothers in Films


- New York Times, 19 May 1929

Fensterstock, Howard: A Journalistic Scream: An Imaginary Interview with the Marx Brothers


- Parade, Aug 1929

Woollcott, Alexander: Obituary [of Minnie Marx]
(Shouts and Murmurs Column)


- The New Yorker, 28 Sep 1929

- in: "While Rome Burns", 1934

(N.N.): Those Marx Brothers


- New York Times, 04 May 1930

Spensley, Doris: The Sex Life of "The Cocoanuts"


- Motion Picture Classic, Jul 1931

(N.N.): London Hails Four Marxes
about the reaction of London newspapers to their show at the Palace


- New York Times, 06 Jan 1931

Mannock, Laura: Full Marx Brothers
"Poor fan-magazine interview with Groucho and Chico, but nice illustrations." (Eyles, 1969)


- Picturegoer, Mar 1931

(N.N.): Marx Brothers in Revue


- New York Times, 21 Aug 1931

(N.N.): Marx Brothers


- New Statesman and Nation, 03 Oct 1931

(N.N.): (full-page interview with the Marx Brothers)


- Film Weekly, UK, 05 Dec 1931

Hardy, Forsyth: Horse Feathers


- Cinema Quarterly, Edinburgh, UK, 1932, Winter

Artaud, Antonin: Les Frères Marx au Cinéma du Panthéon


- (français) Nouvelle Revue Française, 01 Jan 1932

- (français) in: "Le Théâtre et son Double", Gallimard, France, 1938

(N.N.): Roses, Love and Shotguns from Harpo Marx


- Silver Screen, Jul 1932

Hamilton, Sara: The Nuttiest Quartette in the World


- Photoplay, Jul 1932 / online

(N.N.): Horse Feathers
Cover article

@Time / @ / @1932-08-15 / @

- Time, 15 Aug 1932

- in: "The Essential Groucho", 2000

Hall, Mordaunt: These Boisterous Marx Brothers


- New York Times, 21 Aug 1932

(N.N.): Marx and Lloyd Nonsense


- Stage, Sep 1932

(N.N.): The Marx Brothers


- The Times (London), 19 Sep 1932

L. D.: Aventures Abracadabrantes et Funam Bulesques
Article about 'Horsefeathers'


- (français) Cinemonde, No. 207, Paris, France, 06 Oct 1932

(N.N.): These Mad Marxmen
features a short interview with Groucho and Chico regarding their starring roles on the Five Star Theater program (Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel)


- Radio Guide, Vol. 2, No. 8, 1932-10-11/17

(N.N.): As Others See Us


- Living Age, Dec 1932

(N.N.): The Marx Brothers Abroad
Reprints reviews of 'Horse Feathers' by Birrell and Soupalt


- Living Age, 343, no. 4395, 01 Dec 1932

(N.N.): Refineries 'Five-Star-Theatre' for Every Type of Radio Listener
About Groucho's and Chico's Radio Show


- Variety, 06 Dec 1932

Chavance, Louis: The Four Marx Brothers as Seen by a Frenchman


- The Canadian Forum, Feb 1933

(N.N.): Marx Break Reported


- New York Times, 10 Mar 1933

(N.N.): Marx Brothers Incorporate


- New York Herald Tribune, 04 Apr 1933

(N.N.): Marxes m with Sam Harris on 6 other Pix; Seek a Broadway Show


- Variety, 18 Apr 1933

Beranger, Clara: The Woman Who Taught Her Children to be Fools


- Liberty, 03 Jun 1933

- Liberty, 1972, Winter

- reprint: Liberty Then & Now, 1976, Summer

(N.N.): 4 Marx Brothers Now Are 5


- New York Herald Tribune, 22 Jul 1933

(N.N.): Harpo Marx Talks


- New York Times, 12 Nov 1933

Cohen, John S., Jr.: 'Duck Soup', A Marxian (Brothers) Burlesque That Is Below Their Standard


- New York Sun, 24 Nov 1933

Woollcott, Alexander: A Strong Silent Man


- Cosmopolitan, No. 96, Jan 1934

Schallert, Edwin: Marx Brother Due for Vacation from Movies


- Los Angeles Times, 01 Jan 1934

(N.N.): Harpo Marx Back, A Caviar Convert
Article on Harpo's return from the USSR


- New York Times, 10 Jan 1934

(N.N.): Visit to Russia Looses Tongue of Harpo Marx


- New York Herald Tribune, 10 Jan 1934

Barnes, Howard: The Playbill: Hart-Sherwood-Marx


- New York Herald Tribune, 14 Jan 1934

(N.N.): It's 3 Marx Brothers Now, Zeppo Quits Stooge Role


- New York Herald Tribune, 31 Mar 1934

Guss, Harry L.: Marx Bros.' New Stage Tryout Idea Of Film's Scenes; Timing Laughs


- Variety, 17 Apr 1935

- in: "The Marx Brothers Scrapbook", 1973

Churchill, Douglas W.: News and Gossip From Hollywood: The Marxes as Guinea Pigs for a State-Screen Experiment


- New York Times, 20 Oct 1935

(N.N.): Plucking a Few Notes from Harpo


- New York Times, 17 Nov 1935

(N.N.): Screen: 'A Night at the Opera' Will Win Converts to Marxism


- Newsweek, 23 Nov 1935

(N.N.): (Marx Brothers on the Cover)


- American Humorist, Jan 1936

Sammis, Edward R.: Those Mad Marx Hares: As Revealed by the Fifth Marx Brother to Edward R. Sammis


- Photoplay, Vol. XLIX, No. 2, Feb 1936

- in: "The Marx Brothers: A Bio-Bibliography", 1987

Dixon, Campbell: Film Notes: The Marx Brothers


- Daily Telegraph (London), 02 Mar 1936

Simpson, Grace: GROUCHO looks at CHARLIE: The Maddest Marx Recalls the Day When He 'Discovered' the Genius in Chaplin


- Motion Picture, May 1936

(N.N.): (2-page article on the Marx Brothers)


- Screen Pictorial, UK, Jun 1936

(N.N.): Three Mad Marxes Test Gags for movies


- New York Times, 19 Jul 1936

(N.N.): A Marxian Experiment


- New York Times, 26 Jul 1936

(N.N.): Marx Bros. Use 11 Different Acts in 11 Shows in Windup Vaude Wk.


- Variety, 26 Aug 1936

Johnston, Alva: The Scientific Side of Lunacy


- Woman's Home Companion, Sep 1936

- Reader's Digest, Oct 1936 / (condensed version, titled 'Those Mad Marx Brothers')

Carle, Teet: Laughing Stock: Common or Preferred
Source for several anecdotes (Adamson)


- Stage, Mar 1937

Thurber, James: James Thurber Presents 'Der Tag Aux Courses'


- Stage, Mar 1937

Lang, Harry: A Day with the Mad Marxes


- Motion Picture, Jun 1937 / online

(N.N.): A Day at The Races, or Facts about the Marxes


- New York Post, 12 Jun 1937

Carle, Teet: The Silent member of the Marx Trio


- Brooklyn Day Eagle, 13 Jun 1937

Scheuer, Philip K.: Three Marx Brothers Interviewed


- Los Angeles Times, 13 Jun 1937

(N.N.): Love Plots Aids Marx Laughs
Interview with Sam Wood


- New York World-Telegram, 19 Jun 1937

Baskette, Kirtley: Hoodlums at Home


- Photoplay, Jul 1937

(N.N): Life goes to a Party - with four playrights, a producer & Harpo Marx for a quiet week end in the country
Lots of pictures of Harpo, Susan, Mr. & Mrs. George S. Kaufman, Moss Hart, Lilian Hellman and Mr. & Mrs. Howard Dietz, Has Harpo on the cover.

@Life / @ / @1937-09-06 / @

- Life, 06 Sep 1937

Stein, Aaron: Mad Marxes Guest Star on Radio
Chico's and Groucho's guest appearance on the 'Lany Ross-Charles Butterworth Show'


- New York Post, 15 Sep 1937

(N.N.): 2 Marx Bros. Fined, Escape Jail Term
About a trial against Groucho and Chico for copyright infringement with their Radio Show


- Los Angeles Examiner, 02 Nov 1937

Heppner, Sam: He's not so dumb
This is an interview with Harpo's harp teacher Mildred Dilling. It is an article on the back inside cover of a booklet of sheet music.


- Popular Mucis and Film Song Weekly, No. 9, Vol. 1, UK, 25 Dec 1937

Churchill, Douglas, W.: A Script Survives The Marxes


- New York Times, 24 Jul 1938

(N.N.): Imagine Three Marx Brothers Playing 'Straight', Yet They Do


- New York Herald Tribune, 18 Sep 1938

Nugent, Frank S.: Speaking of Comedy
about 'Room Service', he also wrote a review of that film


- New York Times, 25 Sep 1938

Dubreuilli, Simone: Le Genie Des Frères Marx


- (français) Paris Soir Dimanche, 05 Nov 1938

Atkinson, Brooks: (Groucho interview)


- New York Times, 1939

- in: "The Essential Groucho", 2000

Seton, Marie: Salvador Dali + 3 Marxes =

@Theatre Arts Monthly / @ / @1939-10 / @

- Theatre Arts Monthly, Oct 1939

Creelman, Eileen: Picture Plays and Players: Chico, the Piano-playing Marx, Talks of 'Marx Bros. at the Circus'


- New York Sun, 14 Nov 1939

(N.N.): Marxmen Shoot to Kill


- New York Times, 19 Nov 1939

Greene, Graham: The Marx Brothers at the Circus


- Spectator, 15 Dec 1939

(N.N.): Chico Is Not Sure What His Band Will Do But He Knows He'll Play Piano with an Orange


- New York World Telegraph, 27 Nov 1940

Buzzell, Edward: Mocked and Marred by the Marx Brothers


- New York Times, 1940-12-15 (1941?)

Hecht, Ben: Don Harpo de la Mancha


- in: "1001 Afternoons in New York", The Viking Press, New York, NY, 1941

Greene, Laurence: We're Through, Groucho Marx Confesses


- New York Post, 10 Apr 1941

Othman, Frederick C.: Marx Brother, Sick of Movies, to Quit


- Los Angeles Herald, 10 Apr 1941

Delahanty, Thornton: Groucho Plans to Write after Quitting Films


- New York Herald Tribune, 20 Apr 1941

N.N.: Groucho, Harpo & Rio Chico RR.
A reel railway in which the Marx Brothers take over the Sierra RR. [for the filming of "Go West"]. Two pages with pictures and short text.


- Trains, Vol. 1 No. 7, May 1941

Anstey, Edgar: The Marx Brothers Go West


- Spectator, 02 May 1941

Hayes, Francis: Just a Gesture
about Harpo


- Collier's, 31 Jan 1942

(N.N.): Marxes Not Through Yet


- Morning Telegraph (New York), 02 Feb 1942

(N.N.): Views and Reviews at the Palace: Chico Marx and His Piano Head Stage Show; Western on Screen


- Cleveland Press, 28 Mar 1942

Othman, Frederick C.: Comics Only ½-There, Holds Groucho Marx


- New York World Telegraph, 30 Mar 1942

Rosenfield, John: Arthur (Harpo) Marx, 'Surrealist Comedian'


- News, 10 Sep 1943

Morris, Mary: News: Girl Chases Marx Brothers
Chronicle of 'A Night in Casablanca' (Adamson)


- PM, 27 Jan 1946

Roy, Claude: Les démons de l'homme absurde


- (français) Écran, Mar 1946

Marshall, Jim: The Marx Menace


- Collier's, 16 Mar 1946

(N.N): How to Be a Spy - Groucho Marx prepares for movie by intensive study of espionage
Part of the promotion for "A Night in Casablanca". This articles has pictures showing Groucho at spying activities. Also some pictures from the movie.


- Life, 01 Apr 1946

Gray, Andrew: Harpo the Maestro
Short article about Harpo on the occasion of the release of "A Night at the Opera".


- Picturegoer, 27 Apr 1946

Shanklin, Gertrude: The Royal Family of Riot


- Movieland, May 1946

Crowther, Bosley: Those Marx Men


- New York Times, 18 Aug 1946

Rowland, Richard: American Classic
"A short but well-written and appreciative study of the Marx Bros. from seven of their films." (Eyles, 1969)


- Hollywood Quarterly, 2, no.3, Apr 1947

- Penguin Film Review No. 7, 1948

(N.N.): Hairbreadth Harpo
Four pages with pictures from "Love Happy" and a very small bit of text.


- Life, 07 Feb 1949

(N.N.): Master Marx
about YBYL getting the Peabody award


- Newsweek, 02 May 1949

(N.N.): Groucho's Garland of Gags: They Come in Many Colors, Including Off


- Life, 21 Nov 1949

(N.N.): What Comes Naturally
about DeSoto as new sponsor for YBYL


- Time, 07 Nov 1949

Rosten, Leo: Groucho: The Man from Marx
"Humorous appreciation of Groucho." (Eyles, 1969)


- Look, 28 Mar 1950

- "The Weekend Book of Humour, edited by P.G. Wodehouse and Scott Meredith", Herbert Jenkins, London, UK, 1954

- Tops, Jan 1956 / (men's magazine)

- "The Weekend Book of Humour, edited by P.G. Wodehouse and Scott Meredith", WDL Books, 1960

Adams, Val: Groucho in Mufti


- New York Times, 23 Apr 1950

(N.N.): Groucho Marx Sheds Wife as He Plays Court Scene in Real Life


- Los Angeles Times, 13 May 1950

(N.N.): Groucho Marx: A Sharp Knife in a Stale Cake


- Newsweek, 15 May 1950

(N.N.): Groucho Rides Again
Cover Story


- Newsweek, 15 May 1950

(N.N.): Groucho Marx: He Loves To Fool People
Three page article mainly about "You Bet Your Life"


- Quick, 22 May 1950

(N.N.): Groucho Marx
Cover article


- Time, 31 Dec 1951

- in: "The Essential Groucho", 2000

Johnson, Grade: My Life At Finishing School
Groucho's Ph.D. in effrontery


- Esquire, Vol.38, No. 2, Aug 1952

Rosten, Leo: The Secret Letters of Julius Marx
16 letters of Groucho with some comments from Rosten.


- Look, Vol. 16, No. 2, 15 Jan 1952

Scott, John L.: King Leer Groucho Still Rules with Raised Brow, Barbed Wire


- Los Angeles Times, 10 Feb 1952

Perelman, S.J.: A Weekend with Groucho Marx


- Holiday, Apr 1952

- in: "The Most of S.J. Perelman", 1958 / (titled: 'I'll Always Call You Schnorrer, My African Explorer')

Carroll, Sydney: The Five Marx Brothers and how they shrank

@Pageant Magazine / @ / @1953-09 / @

- Pageant Magazine, Sep 1953

(N.N.): (Groucho on Cover)


- TV Guide, 1953-07-24/30

(N.N.): Groucho's SWG Monologue
SWG: Screen Writers Guide


- Variety, 01 Mar 1954

(N.N.): For the First Time: The Truth About Groucho's Ad Libs


- TV Guide, 19 Mar 1954

(N.N.): (Groucho on Cover)


- TV Guide, 1954-03-19/25

(N.N.): no laughing matter
Article about Groucho, Harpo and Jimmy Durante as judges in a beauty contest.


- Tab - The Pocket Picture Magazine, Vol. 4, No. 2, Jul 1954

Sherry, Ken: The Great Groucho
Ken Sherry is a pseudonym for Dick Vosburgh


- Picturegoer, 10 Jul 1954

Martin, André: Les Marx Brothers ont-ils une âme
"Long, useful and stimulating study of the Marx Brothers with generous script extracts from 'Animal Crackers' and 'Monkey Business'. But doesn't deal with every film and has inaccuracies " (Eyles, 1969)


- (français) Cahiers du Cinéma 44-45-47-48, 1955-02/03/05/06

(N.N.): Groucho: Love keeps him young


- TV Illustrated, Jun 1955

Johnson, Robert E.: The Marx Man's Targets


- TV Guide, 27 Aug 1955 / Picture of Groucho on cover

Marx, Eden Hartford: My Life with Groucho
(as told to Liza Wison, plus frequent Groucho asides)


- American Weekly, 04 Sep 1955

(N.N.): Why Groucho Marx is TV's most hated entertainer


- Rave, VOL. II NO. 1, Oct 1955

Daniels, Stephen: The criminal record of Groucho and Chico Marx
about the copyright infringement case in 1937


- The Lowdown (magazine), Vol. 1, No. 8, Apr 1956

Kurnitz, Harry: Return of the Marx Brothers


- Holiday, Jan 1957

Smith, Cecil: Why Groucho Sends Viewers


- Los Angeles Times, 27 Jan 1957

Jenkins, Dan: Everyone's a Critic


- TV Guide, 27 Apr 1957 / Picture of Groucho on cover

(N.N.): My Life with Groucho
article about Groucho and Melinda and cover photo of them


- Parade, 05 May 1957

Martin, Pete: I Call on Groucho


- Saturday Evening Post, 25 May 1957

Eells, George: The Secret of Groucho


- Look, 09 Jul 1957

(N.N.): The Stupider the Better


- Newsweek, 02 Sep 1957

(N.N.): The Marx Brothers Now


- Newsweek, 17 Mar 1958

Humphrey, Hal: Groucho Diagnoses Our Ailing Comedy


- Los Angeles Mirror-News, 17 Mar 1958

Rosten, Leo: The Lunar World of Groucho Marx
(Cover Story)


- Harper's, Jun 1958

N.N.: (something by or about Groucho)
Keywords: magazine, comedy, humor, Groucho Marx warehouse


- 1000 Jokes, 1958-06/08

Salmaggi, Bob: Candid Quipster


- New York Herald Tribune, Entertainment supplement, 27 Jul 1958

Humphrey, Hal: Chico Marx, the Dubious Smuggler, Is Back Again


- Los Angeles Mirror, 07 Mar 1959

Kerouac, Jack: To Harpo Marx


- Playboy, Jul 1959

(N.N.): Lord High Groucho


- Newsweek, 02 May 1960

Mars, François: Autopsie du gag


- (français) Cahiers du Cinéma 113, 116, 117, 121, 1960-11 - 1961-06

Weatherby, W.J.: Marxmanship (from an interview with Billy Wilder)


- The Guardian, London, UK, 26 Nov 1960 / available at

(N.N.): Groucho Enlightens Capp on the Marx Brand of Humor


- Los Angeles Mirror, 15 Feb 1961

(N.N.): Harpo Leers, Frowns ... and SPEAKS


- Life, 19 May 1961

Perelman, S.J.: The Winsome Foursome: How to get Batty with the Marx Brothers when Writing a Film Called 'Monkey Business'


- Show, 1, no. 2, Nov 1961

- in: "The Last Laugh", 1981 / titled "The Marx Brothers"

- Esquire, Sep 1981 / titled: "Going to Hollywood with the Marx Brothers"

(N.N.): Harpo in Toyland


- New York Times Magazine, 05 Nov 1961

Ryskind, Morrie: Marx Bros. vs. the Kennedy Bros.


- Los Angeles Times, 1962-07-06 (August?)

Olsson, Lars: (article on the career of the Marx Brothers with filmography)


- (svenska) Film rutan No. 4, Sweden, 1964

Marcabru, Pierre: Les Marx Brothers son toujours debout


- (français) Arts, Jan 1964

Allombert, Guy: Les Marx Brothers, un univers de dëmence consciente


- (français) Image et Son, No. 174 (172?), 1964-04 (07?)

(N.N.): The Harp, the Piano and the Mustache


- Screen Thrills Illustrated, No. 8, May 1964

Tynan, Kenneth: Groucho, Perelman and Tynan Talk about Funny Men


- The Observer, London, UK, 14 Jun 1964

- Los Angeles Times, 28 Jun 1964 / titled 'Funny World of Groucho and Perelman'

- Teichholz, Tom (Ed.): "Conversations with S.J.Perelman", UP of Mississippi, Jackson, 1995

Crowther, Bosley: The Silent Articulator
Salute to Harpo


- New York Times, 30 Sep 1964

(N.N.): Harpo - The silent genius who made laughter ring out
Obituary for Harpo


- Life, vol. 57, no. 15, 09 Oct 1964

(N.N.): The quiet one
Obituary for Harpo


- Newsweek, 12 Oct 1964

Laura, Ernesto G.: Il contributo dei Marx Brothers alla nascita del film comico sonoro
"Long study of the Marxes' work, with filmography and bibliography." (Eyles, 1969)


- (italiano) Bianco e nero, 1964-11/12

Martin, André: Harpo Marx a n'en plus finir
"Farewell tribute to Harpo." (Eyles, 1969)


- (français) Cinéma 64, No. 91, Dec 1964

Philippe, Claude-Jean: La comédie burlesque et le surréalisme
makes a surrealist case for the Marx Brothers


- (français) Etudes Cinématographiques, 1965

Eyles, Allen: Great Films of The Century: 'A Night at The Opera'


- Films and Filming, Feb 1965

Durgnat, Raymond: World of Comedy


- Films and Filming, Nov 1965

(N.N.): A Few Remarks from Groucho


- New York Post, 04 Jun 1966

Weibel, Peter: Plädoyer für den Marxismus
This magazine has also short biographies and a short filmography


- (deutsch) Film, Germany, Sep 1966

(N.N.): Chuzpe unter Brüdern
about the Marx Brothers on German TV for the first time


- (deutsch) Der Spiegel, 1967

Rohauer, Raymond: Tribute to the Marx Brothers
Brochure commemorating festival of Marx Brothers Films, largely compromised of "An Interview with Groucho Marx"


- The Gallery of Modern Art, New York, 1967 / (6-page program)

Shabecoff, Philip: A Belated Treat for Germans: Marx Brothers Movies on TV


- New York Times, 13 Feb 1967

Zimmerman, Paul D.: Epistles of Groucho
Review of 'The Groucho Letters'


- Newsweek, 03 Apr 1967

Canby, Vincent: Captain Spaulding Is Now a Lion


- New York Times, 13 Apr 1967

Oppenheimer, George: Forever Groucho


- Newsday, Long Island, 22 Apr 1967

Julius, Gerhard (Photographer): Barbara Marx (cover photograph)

@Palm Springs Life / @Volume XII, Number 4 / @1969-12 / @

- Palm Springs Life, Volume XII, Number 4, Dec 1969

Adamson, Joe: The Seventeen Preliminary Scripts of 'A Day at the Races'
Cover Story


- Cinema Journal, 1969, Spring

Shenker, Israel: Is Groucho Serious? You Bet Your Life


- New York Times, 08 Apr 1969

Altman, Robert; Carroll, Jon; Goodwin, Michael: Groucho Marx: Portrait of the Artist As an Old Man


- Take One, Vol. 3, No.1, 1970 Sep/Oct

(N.N.): A Night at the Marx Brothers


- Weekly Variety, 07 Jan 1970

Ebert, Roger: Groucho Remembers Mama


- New York Times, 01 Mar 1970

Mauriac, Claude: Le Retour des Marx Brothers


- (français) Figaro littéraire, Jun 1970

Astruc, Alexandre: Les Marx Brothers
Article about the Brothers on the occasion of a showing of "Horse Feathers"


- (français) Paris Match, France, 27 Jun 1970

Mardore, Michel: La tendence Groucho


- (français) Nouvel Observateur, No. 299, Aug 1970

Seymour, Pascal; Villalonga, Jérôme; Tristan, Frederick: La trinité marxienne


- (français) Politique Hebdo, Oct 1970

Carpozi, George Jr.: The Marx Brothers ... Minnie's Boys Made Their Marx
Seven page article with many picture in the "Nostalgia" section


- Motion Picture, Vol. 59, No. 718, Dec 1970

Adamson, Joe: Film Favorite: Joe Adamson on 'Monkey Business'


- Film Comment, Vol. 7, No. 3, New York, 1971, Fall

Brown, Geoffrey: The Marx Brothers


- Cinema, no.8, London, UK, 1971, Spring

Simsolo, Noël: Les Marx Brothers
This 65-page article about the Marx Brothers takes up about half of this magazine

@La Revue du Cinema - Image et Son, No. 247 / @ / @1971-02 / @

- (français) La Revue du Cinema - Image et Son, No. 247, Feb 1971

Adamson, Joe: Duck Soup the Rest of Your Life


- Take One, 08 Dec 1971

Donnelly, William: A Theory of the Comedy of the Marx Brothers


- The Velvet Light Trap, No. 3, 1971/1972, Winter

Gili, Jean A.; Chassigneux, André; Braucourt, Guy; Moret, Henry: Sur les Marx Brothers


- (français) Écran 72, No. 1, Jan 1972

Ace, Goodman: Report on Groucho
"Top of My Head"-column


- Saturday Review, 01 Apr 1972

Lax, Eric: The secret word is 'Groucho,' and he wins some Iowa hearts
about Groucho's performance in Ames


- Life, vol. 72, no. 18, 12 May 1972

Ebert, Roger: A Living Legend Rated R


- Esquire, Jul 1972

Fleming, Erin: Groucho Marx, the Comic's Comic, Has the last Word About Women, Maybe


- Vogue, Jul 1972

Carle, Teet: From Gags to Riches


- Hollywood Studio Magazine, Vol. 8, No. 2, Jun 1973

Anobile, Richard J.: Penthouse Interview: GROUCHO


- Penthouse, Dec 1973

(N.N.): Sandscript: Harpo Marx Was Silent On Screen But Susan Speaks Her Mind


- Palm Springs Life, Volume XVI, Number 9, May 1974

Adamson, Joe: Alias Julius Henry Marx


- TAKE ONE MAGAZINE VOL. 4, #12, 1974-July/Aug

Wetzel, Kraft: Marx Brothers

@in 'Kino, Kritisches für Filmfreunde' / @Berlin, Germany / @1974 / @

- (deutsch) in "Kino, Kritisches für Filmfreunde", Berlin, Germany, 1974 / I. Teil "Typologie" in Nr. 10, Jan/Feb 1974, II. Teil "Entwicklung" in Nr. 11, Feb/März 1974

Chandler, Charlotte: Groucho Marx: A Candid Conversation with Minna [sic] Marx's Third - and funniest - son

@in 'Kino, Kritisches für Filmfreunde' / @Berlin, Germany / @1974 / @

- Playboy, Mar 1974 / online at

- (español) El País Semanal, Spain, 10 May 1998
   titled: Groucho Marx, el gran cómico (Interview from Playboy, 1974), translated by: Herminia Bevia, Antonio Resines

- M Press, 2008, ISBN: 1 595 82066 3 (ISBN-13: 9781595820662) / in "The Playboy Interviews: The Comedians"
   Check availability (amazon*): USA UK DE FR IT CA ES JP

Westerbeck, Colin L., Jr.: Marxism
Marx Brother revival


- Commonweal, 14 Jun 1974

Gussow, Mel: Groucho Back in Town for 'Animal Crackers'


- The New York Times, 21 Jun 1974

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(N.N.): (Article about Groucho)
cover article on J.Coburn; also Ken Russell/Groucho Marx/Howard Hawks


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Dembart, Lee: Groucho's 1950's Quiz Show is a Hit All Over Again


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(N.N.): Groucho Marx at 85
4 page article with 4 pictures by Lloyd Shearer


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Elderkin, Phil.: Groucho Marx: Lunch With a Master at Roasting the Audience


- Christian Science Monitor, 28 Oct 1975

(N.N.): (Article about the Brothers)
also has articles about "Welcome Back Kotter", Sweathogs, Muhammad Ali, Carol Burnett, Futureworld


- Bananas, No. 6, Scholastic, 1976

(N.N.): Groucho Marx Plays Without a Moustache and Misses a Tumble
about Groucho playing in a straight role in "Twentieth Century"


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(N.N.): Missing Marx
Short article and photos about a courtroom scene missing from At the Circus


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Dunn, Jerry: Groucho


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E-Go Collector's Series No.5: The History of the Marx Brothers and Comedy

@E-Go Enterprises Inc. (PDC59134-8) / @Sherman Oaks / @1976-11 / @

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obituary for Groucho


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(N.N.): His kids and his consort wage an unseemly court case over an ailing Groucho Marx


- People weekly, 09 May 1977

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Erin Fleming vs. Arthur Marx


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Obiturary for Groucho


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(N.N.): (Tribute to Groucho)


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Brecher, Irving: The Marx Brothers: Utter confusion


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Evanier, Mark: Groucho and Us
This might be the same article which appeared in Evanier's comic book "Crossfire and Rainbow"


- Fanfare, No. 2, 1978-Winter

(N.N.): 'I'll say she is'


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1978 Winter

Hopkins, Jay: 'Room Service'


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1978 Winter

Podboy, Patricia A.: Post Marx: Groucho in Retrospect


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1978 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: Say the secret word


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1978 Winter

Wessel, Kipp: Always leave 'em laughing


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1978 Winter

Chandler, Charlotte: What Are They Laughing at, Julie?


- New York, 20 Feb 1978

Friedman, Josh Alan: A Memory of Groucho


- New York, 28 Aug 1978

Carle, Teet: Fun' Working with the Marx Brothers? Horsefeathers!


- Los Angeles Magazine, Oct 1978

Chandler, Charlotte: Hello, I Must be Going
excerpts from the book


- Hollywood Studio Magazine, Vol. 13 , No. 4, Jul 1979

Dixon, Peter: 'A Night in the Ukraine'


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Summer

Mezerow, Jerry: Hail and Farewell


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Summer

Wesolowski, Paul G.: An Evening with Lewis J. Stadlen


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Summer

(N.N.): The Captain has arrived


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Winter

Balasko, Susan: Fighting for her honor


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Winter

Baron, Alec: Groucho and 'Groucho at Large'


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: Les Marderosian - an interview


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: What do you fellows get an hour


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Winter

Wessel, Kipp: Inside 'You Bet Your Life'


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1979 Winter

Hudeir, André: The Marx Brothers


- in: "Cinema: a critical directory, Vol 2: The Major Filmmakers", Secher & Warburg, London, UK, 1980

Eagle, Maria: Can Women Laugh?


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Summer

Fessier, Bruce: Eulogy to Zeppo


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Summer

Herman, Karen: They Laughed Problems Away


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Summer

Mezerow, Jerry: Collecting Marx Posters


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Summer

Weide, Robert B.: Going Going Gone


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Summer

Wesolowski, Paul G.: Zeppo Marx


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Summer

(N.N.): TFG interviews Bob Dwan


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Winter

(N.N.): TFG interviews John Diedrich


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Winter

Hopkins, Jay: A club which would have you as a member


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Winter

Wessel, Kipp: Comrade Harpo
(an in-depth look at Harpo's trip to Russia)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1980 Winter

Limmer, Wolfgang: Brüder der Wonne der Freiheit


- (deutsch) tip Nr, 15, Berlin, 1981

(N.N.): Metamorphosis
(a comparison of the stage and screen versions of 'Animal Crackers')


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Summer

(N.N.): TFG interviews John Guedel


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Summer

Dixon, Peter: Groucho in Britain
(an inside look at Groucho's British TV program)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Summer

Pointon, Michael: London to Hollywood in search of the Marx Brothers
(a BBC producer tracks down interviewees for a radio series on American humor)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Summer

(N.N.): Deputy Seraph
(a brief look at a long-lost Marx Bros. TV series pilot)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Winter

Dixon, Peter: First appearance in Europe!
(a well-researched look at the Marxes' British debut in 1922)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Winter

Myers, Mike: Are you really Groucho Marx?
(an inside look at 'You Bet Your Mall')


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Winter

Norman, Barry: Interview with Zeppo, Part 1
(Zeppo's last interview)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: The Marx Brothers' Paramount contract
(a fascinating analysis of the terms of their second Paramount contract)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1981 Winter

Kerr, Walter: Chico, the Utterly Indispensible Marx


- Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, 24 Feb 1981

(N.N.): des Marx Brothers ...
Three short quotes about the Brothers on the occasion of the showing of three of their movies on French television


- (français) cinéma, No. 269, May 1981

Rodgers, Will: The Singing Don't Hurt
Review of the Brothers' music


- Gragert , Steven K. (ed.): "Will Rodgers' Weekly Articles, vol. 6, The Roosevelt Years, 1933-1935", Oklahoma State University Press, Stillwater, 1982

Dixon, Peter: British Broadcasting welcomes Chico


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1982 Summer

Norman, Barry: Interview with Zeppo, Part 2


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1982 Summer

Wesolowski, Paul G.: The contract that almost was, Part I


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1982 Summer

(N.N.): Family bond
(an editorial on Erin Fleming)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1982 Winter

Koenig, David: A visit with Charlie Barton


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1982 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: A rose by any other name
(a complete Margaret Dumont filmography loaded with photos)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1982 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: The contract that almost was, Part II


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1982 Winter

Carrère, Emmanuel: Interview imaginaire avec les Marx Brothers


- (français) Télérama, No. 1698, Jul 1982

Fleming, Erin: Loving Groucho wrecked my life

@Movie Star / @ / @1983-07 / @

- Movie Star, Jul 1983 / online

Mellencamp, Patricia: Jokes and Their Relation to the Marx Brothers
Keywords: general literature; film; role of jokes; in films; of Marx Brothers; semiotic approach; psychoanalytic approach


- Heath, Stephen; Mellencamp, Patricia (eds.): "Cinema and Language", Univ. Pubs. of America, Frederick, MD, 1983

(N.N.): A rose by any other name
(more photos of Margaret Dumont in her non-Marx roles)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Summer

(N.N.): Erin, who made his life worth living
(a day-by-day account of the Bank of America's lawsuit against Erin Fleming)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Summer

(N.N.): 'Duck Soup' pressbook stories


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Winter

(N.N.): Quotation Marx
(the most often quoted of Groucho's lines)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Winter

(N.N.): TFG consumer report: Groucho glasses
(a humorous comparison of a dozen different brands)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Winter

Koenig, David: Lasspari sings again, an interview with Walter Woolf King


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Winter

Teet Carle: The Olympics
(the Marx Brothers and the 1932 Olympics)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: Brother against Brother
(a comprehensive look at the real story behind Groucho's famous letters to Warner Brothers)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1983 Winter

Benayoun, Robert; Alion, Yves; Bugerman, Francine: Special Marx Brothers Duck Soup - Monkey Business
French Cinema magazine. Translation of the scripts and film stills.

@L'avant scene Cinéma, No. 305-306 / @Paris, France / @1983-04-01 / @0045-1150

- (français) L'avant scene Cinéma, No. 305-306, Paris, France, 01 Apr 1983, ISSN: 0045-1150

deLoof, Dennis P.: A constructive analysis of three early Marx Brothers films
(A special 24-page issue with an academic look at the 'Cocoanuts', 'Animal Crackers' and 'Horse Feathers')


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Spring

(N.N.): Collecting Marx Bros. memorabilia


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Summer

(N.N.): Eden Marx


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Summer

(N.N.): Spotlight on an author
(a short bio of Zimmerman's career)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Summer

(N.N.): Visit to Fredonia, NY
(exposing the publicity stunt)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Summer

Olszewski, Mike: WERE/TFG interviews Arthur Marx


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Summer

Wesolowski, Paul G.: A rather mistreated book
(the inside story behind Paul D. Zimmerman's 'The Marx Brothers at the Movies')


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Summer

(N.N.): 'Go West' pressbook


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Winter

(N.N.): Introducing J. Cheever Loophole
(a missing scene from 'At the Circus' is recreated with photos and dialogue)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Winter

Hopkins, Jay: TFG interviews Nat Perrin


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Winter

Olszewski, Mike: WERE/TFG interviews Allen Jones


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: The life of the Marx Brothers
(the film biography that never was)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1984 Winter

(N.N.): (Article about the Brothers)


- (nederlands) Skoop, Nov 1984

Diot, Rolande: Chaos par K.O.: un exemple d'incompatibilité d'humour, le doublage et le sous-titrage des films de Marx Brothers


- in: Contrastes (Special Issue on Humour and Translation), Anne-Marie Laurion (ed.), 1985 / (conference proceedings of "Humeur et traduction. Actes du Colloque International 13.-14.12.1985")

Winokur, Mark Brian: 'Smile Stranger': Aspects of Immigrant Humor in the Marx Brothers' Humor
Keywords: general literature; film; humor; treatment of immigrants; Marx Brothers


- Literature Film Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 3, Salisbury, MD, 1985, ISSN: 0090-4260

(N.N.): 'A Night in Elsinore', a comedy by Richard Nathan, Part 1


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1985 Summer

(N.N.): 'A Night in Elsinore', a comedy by Richard Nathan, Part 2


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1985 Winter

(N.N.): The Marx "Kids"
(a look at Marx offspring: Harpo's daughter Minnie Eagle and her family, Gummo's grandson Gregg Marx, Groucho's daughter Miriam Allen)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1985 Winter

Ferrante, Frank: Morrie Ryskind, his humor - his touch of genius


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1985 Winter

Snow, Dana A.: A Day at Universal Studios
(Les Marsden's antics as Groucho)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1985 Winter

Galestin, Paul: The Marx Brothers: Verbal and Visual Nonsense in Their Films
Keywords: general literature; film; use of nonsense; relationship to the visual; the verbal; in Marx Brothers films

@Tigges-Wim (ed.): 'Explorations in the Field of Nonsense', Rodopi / @Amsterdam, Netherlands / @1987 / @90 6203 699 6

- Dutch Quarterly Review of Anglo American Letters, 16:3, 237-248, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1986, ISSN: 0046-0842

- Tigges-Wim (ed.): "Explorations in the Field of Nonsense", Rodopi, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1987, ISBN: 90 6203 699 6 (ISBN-13: 9789062036998)
   Check availability (amazon*): USA UK DE FR IT CA ES JP

Gehring, Wes D.: Groucho Lost & Found: His Other Letters


- Studies in American Humor, Vol 5, No 2-3, 1986

Bader, Robert S.: Needlemarx
(the complete list of over 88 Marx-related records)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1986 Summer

Olszewski, Mike: WERE/TFG interviews Kitty Carlisle Hart


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1986 Summer

(N.N.): Buy us savings bonds
(an ad featuring Harpo)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1986 Winter

Bader, Robert S.: Son of Needlemarx
(a few additions to the Marx Bros. discography)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1986 Winter

Michael Cahill: Nacogdoches revisited
(an attempt to track down the legend of how the Marxes became comedians)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1986 Winter

Oliver, Edith: Marxes by Marx
about "Groucho - A Life in Revue"


- The New Yorker, Vol 62, No. 35, 20 Oct 1986

Janoff, Barry: Horse of a Different Feather

@Daily News Magazine / @New York / @1987-08-16 / @

- Daily News Magazine, New York, 16 Aug 1987

N.N.: Groucho, el canibal del verbo

@in 'Círculo 2' / @ / @ / @

- (español) in "Círculo 2"

(N.N.): Freedonia Marxonia 1987
(the first annual Marx Bros. film festival and symposium at the State University of New York)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1987 Summer

Charles Kochman: Not gone ... and not forgotten
(Maxine Marx's retirement party)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1987 Summer

Kiesewetter, John: Groucho left his Marx on comedy
(reflections on the tenth anniversary of Groucho's death)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1987 Summer

Snow, Dana A.: Every gagwriter's story
(a well-researched look at the life and career of Al Boasberg)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1987 Summer

(N.N.): First appearance in Europe?
(world famous Marx authority PGW visits London)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1987 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: More than you ever wanted to know about Gummo Marx


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1987 Winter

Morris, Christopher-D.: The Ithyphallus as Lacanian Signifier in the Marx Brothers' Comedies
Keywords: general literature; film; comic film; phallic imagery; as signifier; in films; by Marx Brothers; theories of Lacan, Jacques


- Film Criticism, 12:1, 11-18, Meadville, PA, 1987, Fall, ISSN: 0163-5069

Benito, Joaquín: Diez Años sin Groucho Marx


- (español) Diario Ya - Miércoles, 19 Aug 1987

Janik, Vicki K.: The Marx Brothers
Keywords: dramatic-arts; film-; film-genres; comic-film; persona-; of Marx-Brothers; as clown-


- in: "Fools and Jesters in Literature, Art, and History: A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook", Greenwood, Westport, CT, 1988

(N.N.): Cataloguing your collection


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1988 Summer

(N.N.): Needlemarx
(reviews of current records and more old records for our discography)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1988 Summer

P.S. Fragola: Confessions of a Marx Brothers addict
(an original comedic essay)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1988 Summer

Scott Wilson: The unsung foil? Thelma Todd


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1988 Summer

(N.N.): Newly discovered Vaudeville photos


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1988 Winter

(N.N.): The Marx Bros. as farmers
(a local correspondent's look at their days in LaGrange)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1988 Winter

Wesolowski, Paul G.: The making of 'Duck Soup' & 'Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel'
(including the Bros.' feud with Paramount)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1988 Winter

(N.N.): Consumer update
(more comments on Groucho glasses)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1989 Summer

Jefry Abraham: The Marx Bros. vs. the Ritz Bros.


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1989 Summer

Michael A. Yahn: You bet your life: the lost episodes
(a humorous premise in cartoon)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1989 Summer

Paul G. Wesolowski and others: A complete Marx Bros. bookography, Part 1


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1989 Summer

(N.N.): Editorial cartoons from the US and Canada exploring the link between Karl and his cousins


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1989 Winter

Paul G. Wesolowski and others: A complete Marx Bros. bookography, Part 2
(an informative list of all worldwide editions of Marx books originally published 1967-1973)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1989 Winter

White, Raymond D.: The Groucho Club
(the exclusive London literary club)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1989 Winter

Gehring, Wes D.: The Marx Of Time
Keywords: American literature; 1900-1999; Allen, Woody; Hannah and Her Sisters; film; compared to Gilliam, Terry; Brazil; sources in Marx Brothers films; general literature; film


- Thalia: Studies in Literary Humor, 11:1, 25-33, Ottawa, ON, 1989, Spring / Summer, ISSN: 0706-5604

Oursler, Fulton: My Dinner with Groucho

@Esquire / @ / @1989-06 / @

- Esquire, Jun 1989

Newsom, Ted: "Deputy Seraph"
about the film pilot

@Filmfax No. 14 / @ / @1989-Mar/Apr / @

- Filmfax No. 14, 1989-Mar/Apr

Kaufmann, Anette: Der Marxismus lebt! Groucho und seine Brüder
Sammelrezension von / combined review of "Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel", Chandler, Charlotte: "Groucho und seine Freunde", Marx, Harpo/Barber, Rowland: "Harpo spricht!"

@niemeyer / @ / @1990-09-19 / @2196-4270

- (deutsch) niemeyer, 19 Sep 1990, ISSN: 2196-4270 / in "medienwissenschaft: rezensionen", 4/1990
read online

(N.N.): 'Po knows
(Harpo and sports)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Summer

Andrew Greenaway: A Night at the Paris
(the BBC radio production of 'Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel')


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Summer

Delaney, Peter: Night at the revival theater
(New York revival theaters)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Summer

Paul G. Wesolowski and others: A complete Marx Bros. bookography, Part 3


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Summer

Sen, Rajib: Poor Marx for India
(the lack of Marxian movies in India)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Summer

(N.N.): 'Po knows
(Harpo and more sports, including outtakes from 'Animal Crackers')


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Winter

(N.N.): Happy Birthday Groucho
(how the world celebrated Groucho's centennial)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Winter

Paul G. Wesolowski and others: A complete Marx Bros. bookography, Part 4


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1990 Winter

Groch, John R.: What Is a Marx Brother? Critical Practice, Industrial Practice, and the Notion of the Comic Auteur
Keywords: general literature; film; film genres; comic film; role of authorship; relationship to Marx Brothers


- The Velvet Light Trap, 26, 28-41, Austin, TX, 1990, Fall, ISSN: 0149-1830

Segaloff, Nat: Masters of Mayhem

@American Movie Classics Magazine / @ / @1991-12 / @

- American Movie Classics Magazine, Dec 1991

Catsos, Gregory J. M.: Night and Day with the Marx Bros.
Interview with Allan Jones

@Filmfax, No. 25 / @ / @1991 Feb/Mar / @0895-0393

- Filmfax, No. 25, 1991 Feb/Mar, ISSN: 0895-0393

Bader, Robert S.: A part-time, on-the-fringe writer?
(an in-depth look at Groucho's career as a writer)


- The Freedonia Gazette, 1991 Summer

Ascher-Walsh, Rebecca: A Day at the Courthouse
about Erin Fleming


- entertainment weekly, No. 118, 15 May 1992 / onlien

Gehring, Wes D.: Television's Other Groucho
Keywords: dramatic arts; television; role of Marx, Groucho; on You Bet Your Life quiz show


- Humor: International Journal of Humor Research, 5:3, 267-82, Tempe, AZ, 1992, ISSN: 0933-1719

Haas, Scott: The Marx Brothers, Jews, and My Four-Year-Old Daughter
Keywords: dramatic arts; film; treatment of Jewish identity; in Marx Brothers


- Cineaste: America's Leading Magazine on the Art and Politics of the Cinema, Vol. 19, No. 2-3, New York, NY, 1992, ISSN: 0009-7004

Fernández, Ángel: Genios del humor
article about Groucho


- (español) Revista Metrópoli (El Mundo), Mar 1992

Arnoldy, Edouard and Dubois, Philippe : Harpo Marx of de stomme die spreekt (zonder iets te zeggen)
In the article the authors argue that the name Harpo is short for Harpocrates, the god of silence

@in 'Wordlessness' (Bart Verschaffel & Mark Verminck eds.), Lilliput Press / @Dublin, Ireland / @1993 / @

- (nederlands) in "Woordenloosheid" (Bart Verschaffel & Mark Verminck eds.), cahier 2 of the series "Vertoog & literatuur", Antwerpen, 1993

- in "Wordlessness" (Bart Verschaffel & Mark Verminck eds.), Lilliput Press, Dublin, Ireland, 1993
   titled: Harpo Marx or the mute who speaks (without uttering a word)

- (nederlands) excerpts in "Raster. Nieuwe reeks. Jaargang 1998 (nrs. 81-84)", 1998 / available online at the Dutch National Library

Saunders, A.J.: The Marx Brothers: Their lives, films - and books
The title says it all. Has a bibliography and price guide (at 1994 level).

@Book Collector, No. 120 / @ / @1994-03 / @

- Book Collector, No. 120, Mar 1994

Yahn, Michael A.: The Music of the Marx Brothers
(Cover Story)

@'Goldmine, The Collector's Record & Compact Disc Marketplace', Krause Publications, No. 363 / @ / @1994-06-24 / @

- "Goldmine, The Collector's Record & Compact Disc Marketplace", Krause Publications, No. 363, 24 Jun 1994

Winkler, Willi: Ich liebe meine Zigarre
about the German translation of "Groucho and Me"

@Der Spiegel Nr. 28 / @ / @1995-07-10 / @

- (deutsch) Der Spiegel Nr. 28, 10 Jul 1995 / online

Hopkins, Jay S.: Brotherly Love: The Marx Brothers' Fraternal Loyalty Helped Create a Comedic Act That Placed Them Among the Most Beloved Performers in Hollywood Hist


- Remember:The People and News We Can't Forget, Oct 1995

Hickey, Matthew: TV's Silent Panic
Article about Harpo's televison work and an interview with his son Bill.

@Filmfax No. 55 / @ / @1996-04 / @

- Filmfax No. 55, Apr 1996

(N.N.): Giraffes on Horseback Salads
Article on the script Salvador Dali proposed for a Marx Brothers film.


- Harper's Magazine, May 1996

Yahn, Michael A.: Remembering 'You Bet Your Life'


- Movie Collector's World, No. 501, 14 Jun 1996

Yahn, Michael A.: "Tell em' Groucho Sent Ya"
"Dealing with the popularity of the famous Marxman as a product spokesman" (Yahn)


- Paper Collectors' Marketplace, Aug 1996

(N.N.): (article about the Marx Brothers)
8 pages


- Civilization Magazine, 1997 Dec/Jan

Amengual, B.: 'Duck Soup' - McCarey with the Marx Brothers


- (français) Positif, Paris, France, Jun 1998, ISSN: 0048-4911

Curtis, Richard: The millionaires of monkey business
Excerpts of transcript of the radio programme "The Birth of Screen Comedy" (BBC Radio 2 on Nov 28, 2000).


- The Independent on Sunday, London, UK, 26 Nov 2000

French, Tony: I Wonder Whatever Became Of Me?
(examination of the Marx Brothers and their work)(Critical Essay)


- CineAction, No. 55, Canada, Jul 2001

Fuentes Luque, Adrián: La recepción del humor audiovisual
estudio comparativo de fragmentos de las versiones doblada y subtitulada al español de la película "Duck soup" de los hermanos Marx (comparison of the subtitled and dubbed Spanish versions of "Duck Soup")


- (español) Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain, 2001, ISBN: 84 338 2777 4 (ISBN-13: 9788433827777) / CD-ROM

- Translator, Vol 9, Part 2, pages 293-306, St Jerome Publishing, Manchester, UK, 2003,
   titled: An Empirical Approach to the Reception of AV Translated Humour A Case Study of the Marx Brothers' 'Duck Soup'

Ellis, Allen W.: Yes, Sir: The Legacy of Zeppo Marx


- The Journal of Popular Culture, Volume 37, Issue 1, Aug 2003, ISSN: 0022-3840 / Online ISSN 1540-5931

Bartolomé, A.I.; Cabrera, G.: The translation of audiovisual humour of the Marx Brothers in "Sopa de ganso"
("Sopa de ganso" = "Duck Soup")


- in: Spanish in Context, 2005

Nathan, D. A.: "I'm Against It!": The Marx Brothers' Horse Feathers as Cultural Critique or, Why Big-Time College Football Gives Me a Haddock


- Proceedings and Newsletter- North American Society For Sport History, 2005,

Kampen, Renke: Die Weltstars aus Dornum


- (deutsch) Ha Shana 5768/69, 2007 / magazine of the synagogue in Dormun

Colvin, Rod: Remembering Harpo: His Life and Legacy


- The American Harp Journal, Winter 2009, Vol. 22 No. 2, Feb 2010

Coover, Robert: The War Between Sylvania and Freedonia
The plot of "Duck Soup" told from Trentino's perspective

@<a href='' target='_blank'>Harper's magazine</a> / @ / @2010-07 / @

- Harper's magazine, Jul 2010

Fuentes Luque, Adrián: On the (Mis/Over/Under) Translation of the Marx Brothers' Humour

@in: 'Translation, Humour and the Media: Translation and Humour', Vol 2.
Delia Chiaro (ed.), Continuum / @London, UK / @2010 / @1 4411 3788 2

- in: "Translation, Humour and the Media: Translation and Humour", Vol 2. Delia Chiaro (ed.), Continuum, London, UK, 2010, ISBN: 1 4411 3788 2 (ISBN-13: 9781441137883) / (hardback)
   Check availability (amazon*): USA UK DE FR IT CA ES JP

- in: "Translation, Humour and the Media: Translation and Humour", Vol 2. Delia Chiaro (ed.), Continuum, London, UK, 2010, ISBN: 1 4411 7691 8 (ISBN-13: 9781441176912) / (paperback)
   Check availability (amazon*): USA UK DE FR IT CA ES JP

Carlson, Peter: Encounter: Groucho Marx Lectures T.S. Eliot About King Lear


- American History Magazine, Aug 2012 / available online

Farrell, Margaret: I'll Say She Is! (1924): The 'laugh-a-minute revue' that made the Marx Brothers


- in "Studies in Musical Theatre Vol. 7, Iss. 1", pp. 23-43, 2013, ISSN: 1750-3159

Fuentes Luque, Adrián: Reír o no reír, esa es la cuestión: la traducción del humor verbal audiovisual. Estudio descriptivo de un fragmento de Duck Soup, de los Hermanos Marx
The title translates as "To laugh, or not to laugh, that is the question"


- (español) Universidad de Cadiz, Cadiz, ES, 2004

Campbell, Craig: The Story of the Marx Brothers

@The Weekly News / @DC Thomson / @2018-01-27 / @

- The Weekly News, DC Thomson, 27 Jan 2018 / Part 1

- The Weekly News, DC Thomson, 03 Feb 2018 / Part 2

N.N.: The Marx Brothers
A cover story about the Marx Brothers and the show that brought them to radio

@Nostalgia Digest Magazine / @ / @2018, Summer / @

- Nostalgia Digest Magazine, 2018, Summer /

Voncken, David : From "Five and Ten in Woolworth" to "Negen Jaar in Tienhoven": An Analysis of the Dutch Translation of the Puns and Wordplay in the Marx Brothers Movies

@Universiteit Leiden, NL / @ / @2018 / @

- Universiteit Leiden, NL, 2018 / Master thesis, Linguistics (MA)

(N.N.): Tattling on Groucho


- TV Diary #1, date unknown

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