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Most of the stamps which depict the Marx Brothers seem to be souvenir editions made just for collectors. Strictly speaking they are not stamps, but just labels. The only genuine stamps appears to be the ones from Israel and the USA. I would guess that most of the other editions have not been in circulation in their country of origin, with some of them I am not even sure if they could be legally used on a letter. If you have any more information about any of these stamps, please let me know. Click on the stamps to see a larger version.

Abkhazia - Marx & Lennon, 1995    Angola - Countdown to the Millennium, 1999    Burkina Faso - Marilyn Monroe, 1995    Chechnia - 1999    Congo - Histoire du Cinema, 2003    Gambia - Stars who went to war, 1995    Gambia - Entertainers, 1988    Ghana - 'When You're Smiling', 1997    Grenada - Marconi, 100th anniversary of wireless transmission, 1996    Guyana - Hong Kong Stamp Expo, 1994    Guyana - Classic Movie Posters, 1991    Guyana - Radio Stars, 1996    Hollywood Stars Collector stamps - Chico    Hollywood Stars Collector stamps - Groucho    Hollywood Stars Collector stamps - Harpo    Israel - 100th Anniversary of Cinema, 1995    Somalia- 2001    Tadjikistan - Portraits of the 20th Century, 2000    Tadjikistan - 2000    Tatarstan (Russian Republic) - Best Comedy Films, 2001    Tyva (Russian Republic) - Hollywood, 1997    Tyva (Russian Republic) - Entertainers, 1997    Türkmenistan - 1999    USA - Early TV Memories, 2009   

This site uses material originally created by Frank Bland for his website Why A Duck?. Frank did kindly give me permission to use this material.

The Marx Brothers - Los Hermanos Marx - האחים מרקס - マルクス兄弟 - Les Freres Marx - 마르크스형제 - Братья Маркс - Bröderna Marx - برادران مارکس - I Fratelli Marx - Братята Маркс - Bracia Marx - Germans Marx - الأخوة ماركس - 馬克思兄弟 - Αδελφοί Μαρξ - Irmãos Marx     RSS feed

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